A New Standard in Vinyl PlankThe Modin Collection

Vinyl flooring (or Luxury Vinyl Tile/Plank) has become the fastest growing flooring category, and for good reason. The product is durable, waterproof, easy-to-install, affordable, and comes in virtually infinite color and texture variations. But not all vinyl floors are created equal.


40 MIL Wear-LayerRedefining Durability

The most important specification for determining the durability of vinyl flooring is the thickness of the wear-layer. The best wear-layers are made of thick, clear virgin PVC, which covers the paper print-film that gives the floor its unique appearance. Once the wear-layer wears through, the paper is damaged and the floor will need replacement.

Most vinyl floors come with a 8-12 mil wear-layer (0.2-3 mm). The top commercial specs in the industry are higher, at 20-22 mil (0.5 mm). A select few manufacturers offer a “super” commercial spec of 28 mil (0.7 mm). For Modin, we decided to set a new standard: 40 mil (1.0 mm) of premium virgin PVC. This allows us to offer an industry-leading 20 year Commercial Warranty (Lifetime Residential), compared to nearly all other commercial vinyl floors’ 10 year Commercial Warranty. Beyond our superior wear-layer, we also use a patented click mechanism for superior hold, and a ceramic-bead coating.

Size MattersWider & Longer

Wider and longer planks create a sense of space and luxury. Most vinyl floors come in 6” or 7” widths, and 36” or 48” lengths. For Modin, we designed our planks to be 9" wide by 72" long. This extra large size allows our gorgeous designs to be fully expressed. As an extra benefit, the easy click installation is even faster with bigger planks.

We Do It The Right WayDetails That Count

Modin offers true Embossed in Register texture, to capture the look and feel of real wood. A low sheen level, to ensure a natural look that wears well over time. Four-sided enhanced bevels, to more accurately emulate the look of real wood floors. Wider, longer planks with commercial-grade durability with easy click installation. Independently FloorScore® certified by a US-based third party for low emissions. When added together they help create the unique look that is Modin Vinyl Plank.

Just the Right MixDesigns that Inspire

We spent nearly a year just focusing on our designs, to ensure they provide the right mix of color and depth. Focusing on timeless wire-brush and European Oak styles, as well as more contemporary modern washes, our collection offers truly beautiful design that is both functional and inspiring.

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