The Modin Collection

Vinyl Floors Have EvolvedThe Modin Rigid Collection

At Flooret we feel it is our duty to bring our customers the best floors available. After much tinkering, we present the evolution of our product line: Modin Rigid Plank. We believe this floor is the pinnacle of what is currently possible with a resilient floor.

Modin RigidKeeping Popular Features

When we launched the original Modin Classic collection a few years back, we looked at every specification to make sure we were bringing the most durable, resilient, and realistic looking floor to the market. The resulting product featured specifications that are still industry leading. A 40 mil wear-layer, double the commercial standard. An extra long plank. Scratch resistant aluminum oxide coating. And design-forward colors.

Redefining Durability40 mil Wear Layer

The most important specification for determining the durability of vinyl flooring is the thickness of the wear layer. The best wear layers are made of thick, clear virgin PVC, which covers the paper print-film that gives the floor its unique appearance. Once the wear layer wears through, the paper is damaged and the floor will need replacement.

Most vinyl floors come with a 8-12 mil wear layer (0.2-3 mm). The top commercial specs in the industry are higher, at 20-22 mil (0.5 mm). A select few manufacturers offer a “super” commercial spec of 28 mil (0.7 mm). For Modin, we decided to set a new standard: 40 mil (1.0 mm) of premium virgin PVC. This allows us to offer an industry-leading 20 year Commercial Warranty (Lifetime Residential), compared to nearly all other commercial vinyl floors’ 10 year Commercial Warranty.

Wider and LongerLuxuriously Large Planks

Wider and longer planks create a sense of space and luxury. Most vinyl floors come in 6” or 7” widths, and 36” or 48” lengths. A few select brands offer 60” long planks. For Modin, we designed our planks to be 9” wide, and 72” long. This extra large size allows our gorgeous designs to be fully expressed, and more accurately mimic the look of high-end plank flooring. Of course a long plank with the design of a short plank thrown on it would mean repeating patterns, so we designed proprietary extra-long designs to ensure our floors mimic the look of actual long-length wood floors.

The Evolution of Our FloorsWhat's New?

Taking these successful features, we then re-evaluated everything else, resulting in substantial improvements listed below.

Less Expantion and ContractionRigid Stone Composite Core

Traditional vinyl floors are composed of almost entirely PVC. Like most plastics, PVC expands when it gets hot. This means that at temperatures above 80-90 degrees Fahrenheit, traditional vinyl plank start to expand. While most vinyl plank can handle minor expansion and contraction, their stability starts to fail once the temperature climbs high enough and the size of the installation increases. The larger the space, the more weight of the entire floor. As this weight increases, the floors lose their structural ability to handle expansion from neighboring planks, and the result is the edges of the plank “peak” up.

In practice, this has meant that vinyl plank could not be safely recommended in spaces that reach temperatures above 90 degrees Fahrenheit, or in installations where the longest run was above 35 feet. We addressed this issue by reformulating the core of our planks to a majority-limestone composite. By using up to 70% limestone content in the core of our planks, we create the uniquely “rigid” property of our floors. Not only does the high limestone content mean less expansion and contraction to begin with, but it also means that when expansion and contraction does occur the floors can handle it. This allows us to recommend the use of our product in virtually any application.

Sound Control and Temperature InsulationPre-Attached Underlayment

A 1.5 mm pre-attached underlayment gives you sound control and temperature insulation from your subfloor.

Aluminum OxideScratch Resistant Coating

Prior to reaching the wear layer, foot traffic will first wear-down the finish on your floor. We apply the industry leading standard, Aluminum Oxide coating. These fine particles in the finish resist wear, meaning your floor will look better for longer.

Looks Like Real WoodEmbossed in Register Texture

Long available on laminate floors, EIR texture means the physical surface of the plank matches the actual print-film design. This results in a much more realistic looking feel, and from a standing position can easily fool even experts that you’re looking at a real wood floor.

Accentuates the PlanksEnhanced Bevels

Deeper bevels help accentuate the large size planks, which is why they are desirable on high end wood flooring. We were able to replicate this look on our rigid plank very successfully, which results in a substantially more realistic looking install.

Functional and InspiringDesigns that Inspire

We spent nearly a year just focusing on our designs, to ensure they provide the right mix of color and depth. Focusing on timeless wire-brush and European Oak styles, as well as more contemporary modern washes, our collection offers truly beautiful design that is both functional and inspiring.

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