Building a Custom Den Outdoors | Megan's Story
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December 30, 2023By Chesiree Katter

Building a Custom Den Outdoors | Megan's Story

The rise of ADUs (accessory dwelling units), barndominiums, granny flats, converted garages and shipping container homes over the last decade has completely taken over the design world. These small(er) yet mighty structures prove to be a worthy investment when used as rentals or additional places to welcome guests like visiting family or friends.

The Moulton family discovered DEN, a site where you can shop for contractor-ready home drawings in a matter of minutes. DEN’s manifesto is that “building a cabin changes who you are, having a cabin changes how you live, and sharing a cabin changes how you engage with others.”


Featured: Tilden Signature

They wanted to build a retreat in the woods of Central Illinois that would connect people to the beautiful surrounding forest and be a welcoming abode to visitors, and they would call it the Ten Mile Den.

Armed with an eye for design and DIY handiness, they found their ideal DEN model and got to work.

“We were building one of the first DENs in the country,” Megan says.

Featured: Tilden Signature

Megan Moulton documented the entire journey on her Instagram, @tenmileden. One of her first steps was to choose the canvas for the entire space: a flooring that was not only beautiful, but durable and would seamlessly integrate with the den’s surroundings.

They discovered Tilden Signature from the Modin LVP Collection, a gorgeous greige floor inspired by driftwood. Pulling just the right tones of grey, taupe, and brown, Tilden would set the tone for the rest of the beautiful design of the Ten Mile Den. The family decided to DIY their install.

Featured: Tilden Signature

View the timelapse via @tenmileden

Once the floors were installed, Megan commented that not only did they look beautiful, but they were the perfect level of durability for visitors coming back home from the wilderness outside.

“We loved the fact that the grain is embossed in the register and the thick wear layer,” Megan says. “Oh, and the fact that they are waterproof!”

Embossed in register texture, or EIR for short, is a true mark of luxury in the vinyl plank world. It means that the grooves on the plank itself mimic the wood pattern as opposed to being a generic pattern that doesn’t match. This gives a true wood look to your LVP install that will fool even the sharpest eye!

Featured: Tilden Signature

Now that the 2-bed, 2-bath den is complete, Megan has welcomed hundreds of guests to enjoy her woodsy retreat, and the floors have held up without a problem.

“Others are impressed by the quality and durability of these floors,” Megan says. “Flooret had amazing customer service.”

We hope the Moulton family loves their floors for many visits and years to come!

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