It’s time to welcome another year that’s sure to introduce new and exciting design trends, mind-blowing DIY projects, and stunning flooring installations! At Flooret, we love looking back on the years and seeing which of our floors were the biggest hits with our customers.

Our 2023 bestsellers came with some crossover from 2022, which just shows that some colors are truly timeless. Let’s count down the top 5 bestselling shades from the Modin LVP Collection in celebration of a great year ahead!

#5: Lato

Featured: Lato Signature

This shade is known as the perfect neutral Scandinavian-inspired shade. It’s perfectly balanced without too much variation, which is perfect for people who want their space to have a bright, airy vibe.

#4: Palka

Featured: Palka Signature

Palka is the newest shade on this list, but it quickly became a bestseller because of its perfect balance of warm and cool with natural-looking knots that make it super realistic to real wood. We’ve seen it in so many different spaces, from eclectic to traditional, and it stuns every time!

#3: Kingswood

Featured: Kingswood Signature

The warmest shade on this list, Kingswood was made to be a classic, and a classic it has remained. This timeless golden oak flooring has withstood decades of trends coming and going. You simply can’t go wrong with just the right amount of warmth that will make any space inviting and grounding!

#2: Soho

Featured: Soho Signature

One of our flagship shades, Soho was inspired by Flooret’s home in sunny southern California. Its blonde-toned planks will make any space feel like a beachy getaway, and evoke memories of sunshine and bright light.

#1: Nakan

Featured: Nakan Signature

A bestseller two years in a row, Nakan is the shade that everyone is looking for! If you can’t decide on light vs. dark, or warm vs. cool, Nakan, which comes in all three lines: Signature, Craftsman, and Base, is a perfect choice. The perfect amount of variation in these planks introduces interest to every space without overpowering the surrounding decor. We love it just as much as our customers do!

Top 2023 Flooring Trends, Here to Stay

Flooret made sure to create each floor color with intention, so you’d be happy with your choice no matter what. Our designer-curated Modin LVP Collection has something for everyone, but isn’t too overwhelming if you’re just starting your flooring journey!

Featured: Soho Craftsman

If you’re ready to get started on your 2024 project, contact our team so we can help you find your perfect floor. We’re just a call away at 1-800-700-8122 or a message at As always, you can shop samples directly to your door via We look forward to hearing from you!

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