When it came time for a home refresh, Sharon and her family turned to flooring, knowing it’d make a huge impact and transform their space. They wanted something that not only looked beautiful, but something that was easy to work with so they could do the installation themselves. In the midst of their thorough online research, they found the Flooret Modin Luxury Vinyl Plank Collection, which turned out to be the perfect choice for their project.

Prior to finding Flooret, Sharon’s home had tile throughout the home. It lacked the warmth and character the family wanted. After filtering through all our designer-curated choices, Elmstead Signature checked all their boxes!

Featured: Elmstead Signature

Their biggest priority in a flooring transformation was having a seamless, continuous look throughout the home. The family received their floors and took to attempting their DIY install. Despite a few initial hiccups, they learned tricks along the way and eventually mastered the process of installing LVP.

“We learned along the way, but once we got the hang of it, the installation went smoothly.”

Featured: Elmstead Signature

With their new floors now in place, Sharon and her family are delighted with the outcome. Not only do they love Elmstead’s beautiful natural variation, but the ease of maintaining LVP has allowed them more time to be a family!

"We couldnʼt be happier with the result. Flooret has great customer service and was easy to work with."

Sharon and her family are confident that replacing their tile with our LVP transformed their home for the better.

For those seeking a flooring option that seamlessly combines beauty, durability, and DIY-friendliness, Sharon wholeheartedly recommends exploring the Flooret Modin LVP Collection.

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