Which Flooring Color Goes Best With My Cabinets?
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September 20, 2023By Ashlee Palka

Which Flooring Color Goes Best With My Cabinets?

If you’re planning a flooring renovation, then you’re probably exploring the best options to bring out the beauty and uniqueness of your home.

For many, matching their new floors to their existing cabinets is the ultimate way to complement both features of their home for an aesthetic that’s cohesive and stylish.

But just what is the perfect shade of flooring for your existing cabinets?

In this blog post, we’ll answer that question so you can feel confident that your floors and cabinets are a perfect match.

Whether you’re looking to match warm-toned wooden cabinets or sleek glass-doored ones, we’ll examine the top contenders in floor tone options, so you can find the flooring that best suits your cabinets and home.

Some Tips to Get You Started

First off, while pairing your floor with your cabinets can be as simple as matching colors, they don’t have to be identical to complement and bring out the beauty of both features!

Featured: Lato Signature from the Modin LVP Collection

While you can match cool-toned cabinets to cool-toned floors, warm-toned with warm-toned, or match light and dark tones with their equals and have it look absolutely beautiful, sometimes installing flooring with a different tone or shade than your cabinets can create truly stunning contrast.

Below, we’ll review some of the most common cabinet colors and stains and provide examples of the Flooret Luxury Vinyl Plank or Resilient Engineered Hardwood that would most enhance their appeal.

White Cabinets

White is, arguably, the most common color for kitchen cabinets, and there is a very good reason for that:

White goes with everything.

The versatility of white cabinets gives you a myriad of options for your flooring. If you prefer the bright and airy look of white cabinets against light or natural wood colors, you might like the PalkaJovaSoho, or Kingswood styles from our Modin LVP Collection.

Featured: Kingswood Signature from the Modin LVP Collection

Neutral-toned beige, taupe, light grey, or greige flooring also works well against white cabinets. Check out Lachlan or Tilden from our Modin LVP collection or Lyon from our Silvan Resilient Engineered Hardwood Collection.

Looking for contrast? Dark flooring will give you that bold juxtaposition you’re looking for when paired with your bright white cabinets. The espresso-colored Queensbury, deep red Raeburn, and dark grey Oxden are all striking LVP options for contrast.

Featured: Queensbury Signature from the Modin LVP Collection

Natural or Light Stained Cabinets

Natural or light-stained cabinets are bright and airy, appealing to many homeowners.

If you are one such homeowner, then great news! Light cabinets with neutral undertones are almost as versatile as white cabinets, giving you plenty of options for matching floors.

Featured: Anza 7 from the Silvan Resilient Hardwood Collection

For a cool look, try light grey flooring to provide a modern and elegant aesthetic that helps the colder tones in your space feel right at home. Lachlan or Hafren would be excellent choices.

If you’d prefer for your space to feel a little cozier, light, medium brown, or amber flooring will add the warmth you need. For a warm, cozy feel, we suggest ElmsteadBrenwick or Nakan from our Modin LVP Collection or Anza from our Silvan Resilient Engineered Hardwood Collection.

Featured: Brenwick Signature from the Modin LVP Collection

Golden Oak Cabinets

Golden oak is a very popular shade of kitchen cabinets. Their golden, honey-colored undertones lend an element of warmth and comfort to your home, so it’s only natural to want to match that aesthetic with your floors.

Featured: Nakan Base from the Modin LVP Collection

If you have golden oak cabinets, we suggest a light flooring color or a white-washed tone for a floor that perfectly matches and enhances their beauty. Since golden oak has such a strong, warm undertone, it can help to either match that undertone in the flooring you choose or go with a floor that has a neutral undertone. Cool undertones tend to pull the yellow tones out in golden oak and make it pop in a way that’s not the most flattering.

Our recommendations to go with golden oak include Evern from the Silvan Resilient Hardwood Collection or Soho, Nakan, or Lato from the Modin LVP Collection.

Grey Cabinets

If you’ve got cabinets with a clean grey veneer, we suggest you pair them with light brown flooring for a simple and elegant look.

Balboa, Nakan, or Sutton perfectly complement a neutral or slightly cool undertoned grey cabinet. Each of these colors will add a touch of class and sophistication to your space.

If a rich, warm look and feel is more your style, try a darker brown floor, such as Arbor or Catura from our Modin LVP Collection.

Featured: Catura Signature from the Modin LVP Collection

And, if monochrome is what you’re going for, you can always pair your grey cabinets with grey or black flooring options. Arlo and Ashford from the Modin LVP Collection are great options to complement grey cabinets. We recommend selecting something that’s either lighter or darker than your cabinets rather than a grey that’s the same general shade to help give the space a bit of contrast. You can grab samples of all of our favorite grey tones with our Modin LVP Grey Sample Kit.

Featured: Arlo Signature from the Modin LVP Collection

Dark Stain / Espresso Cabinets

If you’ve got dark-stained or black cabinets, we suggest some contrast to avoid making the interior of your home seem too dark or cramped.

Light greys, white-washed or natural-toned woods, such as Lyon from our Silvan Resilient Hardwood Collection, will help to brighten your space and make your home feel more spacious and inviting.

Featured: Lyon 7 from the Silvan Resilient Hardwood Collection

If you prefer a mid or light brown tone, Anza or Evern from our Silvan Hardwood Collection would complement your dark cabinets nicely. If you prefer LVP, Tilden, Nakan, Yuzen or Palka are excellent choices from our Modin LVP Collection. The contrast of these lighter floors against your dark cabinets will truly stand out.

Featured: Yuzen Base from the Modin LVP Collection

Is a darker interior your goal? We have you covered there as well. Modin LVP’s Ashford or Madeira are some warm-on-warm options for a darker, cozier vibe. The dark-on-dark look works best in homes with abundant natural light.

Painted Cabinets

Some homeowners opt for something different and paint their cabinets a fun, vibrant color.

Common cabinet colors include blue, mint, green, and even yellow.

The good thing is that if you’re a homeowner with painted cabinets that match your unique personality, pretty much any flooring color will look good. It just depends on what look and feel you’re going for in your space.

Try Lyon Engineered Hardwood or Palka LVP to match colors like baby blue, green, or pale yellow cabinets for a light and cool aesthetic.

Featured: Palka Signature from the Modin LVP Collection

If you’re after a more homey vibe, a darker floor color will suit you well. Try Dimalo, Pomeroy or Madeira LVP.

A contrasting floor color can provide some balance if your cabinets are painted a darker color, such as navy blue or dark grey. Our recommendations are Arlo LVP or Balboa Engineered Hardwood.

Featured: Arbor Base from the Modin LVP Collection

With painted cabinets, one way to ensure your cabinets and flooring look good together is to match undertones. For paint colors with a cooler undertone, look for a cool-toned floor such as Catura from the Modin Collection, which looks stunning when paired with blues and other cool colors. For paint colors with warm undertones, look for a warm-toned flooring option like Anza from the Silvan Collection, which works with virtually any neutral or warm color.

The Perfect Pairing, Guaranteed

Of course, if you fall in love with a specific shade or texture of Flooret flooring, then there’s a surefire way to have your cabinets complement them perfectly.

Just refinish your cabinets.

It may be an added expense, but having perfect flooring that complements every other feature of your house is worth it.

Whatever shade or texture your chosen flooring may be, there will surely be a matching shade to refinish or restain your cabinets. You can even have woods in your home stained to match the Flooret flooring of your choice.

Featured: Nakan Craftsman from the Modin LVP Collection

And if you need some help narrowing down your choices, why not reach out to an expert?

Whether you need help deciding on the perfect shade of flooring to match your cabinets or the perfect shade of cabinets to match your flooring, our expert support team is ready and willing to guide you through your options and lead you to the choice that best suits your needs.

Reach out today, and let’s make your home the most beautiful version of itself.

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