Modin Rigid Plank


9" Wide. 72" Long. 40 mil Wear-Layer.

With Modin Rigid, we have raised the bar on vinyl plank. The result is a new standard in resilient flooring. Modin offers true embossed in register texture, creating a surface that is convincing to the eye and to the touch; a low sheen level to ensure a natural look that wears well over time; four-sided enhanced bevels to more accurately emulate the look of real wood floors; wider and longer planks; an industry-leading wear layer; and a pre-attached underlayment. All together, these features create the unique look that is Modin Vinyl Plank.

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  • Arbor 72" Click
    Rich deep brown tones of walnut and chocolate, finished with a subtle wire-brush. A classic color range that is com...
  • Arlo 72" Click
    Modern and spacious. A light grey wire-brush serves as the perfect canvass for almost any contemporary space.
  • Ashford 72" Click
    Deep tones of gently weathered grey and brown. A modern look that still respects the timelessness of natural wood.
  • Brenwick 72" Click
    Rich toasted cherry with a light rustic grain that has iconic character and texture.
  • Dover 72" Click
    Bold, dramatic, inspiring. With color variation that never grows old, this floor is not for the faint of heart. But f...
  • Gibson 72" Click
    This is a floor for those who aren’t afraid to show some personality. The variance form plank to plank is drama...
  • Hafren 72" Click
    Pure grey. Perfectly complemented by natural wood furnishings or pops of color. A classic palette to build your vis...
  • Kingswood 72" Click
    Tones of golden oak and walnut, with sparse knots to balance the more traditional palette.
  • Lachlan 72" Click
    Influenced by classic Nordic design. Surprisingly flexible with furnishings. Amplify by continuing the clean modern...
  • Lato 72" Click
    Crisp tones of maple and birch. The enhanced bevels accentuate the long length of the planks.
  • Madeira 72" Click
    Deep and moody. One of our favorites, the smoky tones of brown and grey offer endless possibilities.
  • Oxden 72" Click
    Dark, striking, modern. This dark floor with white wire-brush is sure to make an impact.
  • Soho 72" Click
    A classic select grade natural oak. Timeless and versatile.
  • Sutton 72" Click
    Refined yet natural. A white wire-brush gives the natural wood tone a distinct depth, lending it to a variety of sp...