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We started with a simple mission: no compromise. Not in quality, durability, sustainability, or design.

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7"$5.50 SF


7"$5.50 SF


7"$5.50 SF


7"$5.50 SF


7"$5.50 SF

Designed For Every Life

Our stunning Silvan planks are the culmination of every recent innovation in engineered hardwood flooring design—luxury looks, durable construction, and sustainably-sourced materials. The result? Wood flooring that effortlessly embodies the beauty of nature, built to stand the test of time. 

  • Uniquely Resilient: Silvan engineered wood planks are three times harder than standard hardwood thanks to their ultra high-density core. Each engineered wood plank is topped with a UV-cured acrylic coating for long-lasting protection..
  • Simple to Install: The Silvan style is an excellent choice for self-motivated fixer-uppers or beginner installers. The best-in-class drop-click mechanisms on every wood plank make for a seamless installation process that anyone can tackle. 
  • Responsibly Sourced: We source the highest quality hardwood from thoughtfully maintained European forests to craft our sleek Silvan planks, and then top with an FSC® 100% Hardwood wear layer. Silvan Resilient Hardwood is Greenguard Gold Certified and CARB Compliant.
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Unmatched Hardwood for Every Setting.

Silvan Resilient Hardwood is the ideal wood flooring choice for every space and situation. With their guaranteed topically waterproof and impact-resistant design, Silvan engineered wood planks are able to handle whatever you throw at them—and they look great doing it.  Moreover, these planks are engineered for easy installation, ensuring a hassle-free setup process and remarkable long-term durability. Embrace the sophistication and resilience of Silvan Resilient Engineered Wood Flooring, where premium quality meets cutting-edge design.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Explore frequently asked questions to learn more specifics about the unique Silvan Collection.

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The Silvan Collection is topically waterproof and features a FSC 100% hardwood wear layer, UV acrylic coating, high density fiberboard core, with luxury sized 7" x 78" planks, and birch backing.

With a Brunell Hardness rating of 10.5, our SIlvan Collection is three times harder than other engineered wood with respect to dent resistance.

Our Silvan Collection is comparable to other engineered hardwood products in topical scratch toughness, but outperforms the competition in deep scratch resistance.

Our Silvan Collection meets the specs of some of the top engineered hardwood products in the market, but we stand out for several reasons. The low cost to high quality product ratio is simply unmatched. At $5.50 per SF, we are priced at nearly half the cost per square foot as our competitors. We also offer flexibility in design as both sizes of planks can interlock lengthwise. Our Silvan Collection is also three times harder in respect to dent resistance than similar engineered hardwood products. Additionally, the Silvan Collection is better for the environment. With an FCS certified core, and a thinner wear layer, the Silvan Collection uses sustainably harvested wood, and also less wood overall. And lastly, the 5G Drop Click System is the strongest vertical and horizontal locking system on the market.

The Silvan Collection is Greenguard Gold certified. Greenguard Gold is one of the best certifications in the industry. This certification means our products have undergone stringent testing for chemical emissions, and passed!

Unlike our Modin Collection, our Silvan collection does not have a pre-attached underlayment. You can purchase our STEICO underlayment on our website, or you can pick some up at your local hardware store. Any underlayment for hardwood floors will work as long as it is 2 - 5 mm thick with a minimum compressive strength of (CS) > 60 kPa.

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