Waiting for the Perfect Color | Sarah’s Story
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February 24, 2023By Chesiree Katter

Waiting for the Perfect Color | Sarah’s Story

When she purchased her home in 2016, Sarah immediately began researching  vinyl plank flooring to replace the existing laminate.

“We purchased a home that was built in 2012 but the quality of the flooring was consistent with contractor-grade laminate flooring. Our entire main floor, including kitchen and powder room, was covered in laminate and had suffered inevitable water damage from normal use in the Pacific Northwest. Because our main floor is rather quaint and open, we wanted something that would be 100% waterproof so we could carry it throughout the entire main floor.”

Sarah and her husband were impressed by the specifications of the  Modin Collection and decided that it was the right flooring for their home.

“I was looking for a superb flooring that exceeded the quality and customer service that you would expect from purchasing at the local hardware store. After narrowing our search and  ordering samples, my husband was confident that he wanted to install Flooret in our home.”

At first, Sarah struggled to find a color in the  Modin Collection that matched her style.

“After choosing Flooret in late 2016, we tried every  sample that might possibly create a cohesive look with our existing cabinetry, counters and decor. Without any immediate luck, we explored other options but kept coming back to Flooret. When Raeburn was released in 2019, I KNEW we had found our color. Our order was placed within days of receiving our sample.”

During installation, Sarah and her husband were impressed with the level of customer service that they received.

“Flooret’s customer service is exceptional. My husband (with a bit of my help) installed the flooring himself. After ripping up our existing floors, he ran into a couple install questions. Before I even knew that he had a question, he would tell me that he had already spoken to Flooret and had the information he needed to move forward. I don't know exactly how many times he called the first day, but he had immediate assistance each time.”

Now that the installation is complete, Sarah and her husband love how  Raeburn looks in their space.

“I love the luxury look and feel of our new floors. Our friends all agree that the floors are gorgeous, rich, and modern.”

Looking back on the whole process, Sarah is overjoyed that she found the perfect color of  Modin for her home.

“These floors are luxury in every sense of the word. When you combine that with the durability, including a superb wear-layer and 100% waterproof planks, you can't find anything else that beats it.”

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