Meet Rylee and her husband, two former New Yorkers who traded the city for the serene landscapes of Maine. With Raeburn Signature from the Modin LVP Collection at the heart of their home’s transformation, they successfully blended their unique styles to create a space they both love.

Rylee had grown up in Maine, leaving “like within 48 hours” after college to head to New York City. Her husband, who she met in the restaurant scene in New York, frequently nudged her towards the idea of returning to Maine for more space, a yard, and a dog. After years in the city, the couple finally made the leap after finding the right house.

House hunting in 2021 was no easy feat. The competitive market meant they had to make several offers before landing their current home. 

“We were definitely at the mercy of the housing market in 2021. So that was a big part of our decision making. I think we put in offers on four to five houses. But the reason we got this house, which we love, was because the woman that previously owned it had grown up in Queens, so there was a New York connection. We were really, really lucky.”

Though it was a '70s time capsule when they bought it, the house had great bones and a layout they could work with, making it the perfect canvas for their home.

Before they even left NYC to move into their new house, Rylee and her husband had one definitive plan: installing Raeburn as the first renovation. "We're obsessed with these floors," Rylee says. "When we saw them, we knew if we were going to splurge on one thing, it was going to be these." The couple's mutual love for Raeburn was the starting point for their home renovation. They installed the flooring in the living room first, followed by the hallway and bedrooms, creating a cohesive foundation for their home.

Combining Rylee's vintage maximalist aesthetic with her husband's urban industrial style might seem like a challenge, but Raeburn provided the perfect compromise. "They fit both of those styles really well," Rylee explains. While she loves an eclectic mix of decor, her husband prefers minimalism with clean lines. Together, they found common ground in historical builds and solid, clean furniture from the early 1900s.

Despite their preference for dark, moody spaces, the couple decided to paint their walls an off-white to brighten up the home, with the exception of one black accent wall. "We're really, really glad that we did that," Rylee shares. The white walls beautifully offset the darker tones of their furniture and decor, creating a balanced and inviting atmosphere.

One of the first major pieces they bought was a green couch, which became a focal point for their living room. "Everything else kind of came to fruition once we got into the space," Rylee says. With the couch and Raeburn flooring as their starting points, they gradually added other elements to create a cohesive and personalized space.

The couple's home is filled with unique vintage finds from both NYC and Maine. "Antiquing in Maine is rad," Rylee says. They also incorporate items from their travels to places like Peru and Mexico, adding personal stories and memories to their decor. Each piece in their home has meaning, turning their space into a living scrapbook of their adventures.

For those daunted by the idea of installing new floors, Rylee offers some reassurance. "It was truly easier than we thought it would be," she says, noting that the task was far less overwhelming once they got started.

The couch arrived late, but after a couple of months of sitting on their new floors, it finally arrived, marking a significant moment in their home transformation. "It was absolute visceral relief for all of us and our dog, especially," Rylee recalls. With the floors, couch, and a TV in place, they finally felt like they were home. 

That was the first moment where we were like, okay, we're home now.” 

The Takeaway

Don't let differences in style stop you from creating a cohesive and personalized space! Consider making a mood board to visualize how your ideas blend together. You can also find common ground with a few key elements like flooring and furniture focal points, such as your couch. This will help harmonize your space while celebrating your unique tastes.

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