Javon became a first-time homeowner after her father passed away and left his rental property to her. Once the renters left, Javon decided to remodel the entire house to fit her style and feel like a home that was made for her.

“Slowly remodeling this home with the rest of my family made me feel as though Dad was still guiding me and encouraging me as I transitioned into being a homeowner for the first time. It feels like a beautiful way of continuing his legacy.”

Javon was drawn to ease of ordering online, curated color selection, and superior specifications that Flooret offers.

“I think Flooret's line of flooring gives good color options without being overwhelming along with a great website. I also really like the efficient communication by email. Oh, and the fact that I could do a 47 ft run without a transition strip. That was a big deal to me.”

When it came time to install her new floors, Javon did most of the work herself.

“I had never done a floor before. My subfloor needed quite a bit of help since the concrete slab was been broken a bit as I sledgehammered out block walls in the kitchen. I had to locate someone to skim coat the subfloor which needed 400 lb of concrete! Then, I researched and found a thin vapour barrier that I put down easily. Then, I connected with a friend of mine who flips homes and he showed me the first few planks and how to get started. He also was helpful when I had issues with door jambs. One great tip I learned is that, instead of using a tapping block, it works much better to use a small piece of waste flooring as a tapping block.”

Now that her installation of Lachlan Signature is complete and her home remodel is finished, Javon and her family and friends love the look.

“It’s lovely! I love the color and I love the fact that I did it myself. And I love the fact that I only have one flooring throughout the whole house. I think it makes it feel bigger and less busy which was important being a small home remodel. Plus, [the color] makes the rest of my furnishings look more clean and modern.”

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