If you could build your dream home completely from the inside out - choosing every detail, finish, and color - what would it look like?

Madison had this amazing opportunity when she and her husband purchased their first home together.

Every inch of their stunning home was hand-selected by the pair, and we have to say - they have a great taste not only in design but in their flooring!

“The home we were building allowed us to hand-select every product we wanted to use,” Madison says. “I’m so thankful Flooret created an amazing product that offered high-end quality.”

Madison and her husband chose Palka Signature for their flooring - a beautiful, maple-inspired design that complements the home’s bright aesthetic perfectly.

Maple is known for its subtle plank-to-plank variation. Palka pays tribute to this beautiful wood in vinyl form. It creates a cozy feeling in any space, but depending on the elements that surround it, can also be elevated to look modern and scandinavian. 

Palka is is part of the Modin Luxury Vinyl Plank Collection

Our Signature Line comes with a 40-mil wear layer and is 100% waterproof, which makes it the perfect choice for a new home built to last. 

The flooring was installed by their custom builder.

“He was impressed by the thickness and quality! It was a quick and easy install,” Madison says.

The Hathaways started their flooring search at big box stores until their family member recommended Flooret. 

The benefit of purchasing from Flooret is that you skip the middle man. In traditional showrooms, you'd be working with an agent who represents a variety of flooring brands. 

Our team knows our products inside out, and is there for your decision process, every step of the way. We want to see your project succeed, and take our time to ensure it does. 

Now, their friends and family are always asking about Madison's flooring!

“We love our floors! Our most asked question is, ‘Where did you get your flooring from?’”

Madison couldn’t be happier with her Palka Signature luxury vinyl floors, and her overall experience with Flooret.

“The customer service has been amazing! They always went above and beyond. Our flooring made our home complete and we are in love with it.”

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