If you follow  Flooret on Instagram, you’ll recognize this dining room immediately: it belongs to Suzy, AKA @sweetbungalow on social media. 

 An experienced DIY’er and decorating virtuoso, Suzy installed  Lato Base throughout her house and the results are astounding.

Suzy found us through a mutual friend through Instagram who is also “interior-obsessed” - immediately she ordered samples and was in love with  Soho and Lato.

The two are similar in that they’re light wood floors, perfect for modern or boho spaces with Scandinavian design elements. After chatting back and forth with followers and some members of the Flooret team, she finally landed on Lato.

As Suzy says, “It’s the perfect scandi shade!”

Signature vs. Base: Wear Layer and Bevels on LVP 

Signature is perfect for those looking for wide vinyl plank flooring. With a 40 mil wear layer and enhanced bevels, the planks stand out and giving a striking appearance. Base offers a still way above-average 20 mil wear layer, and comes in a slightly more narrow and shorter plank with micro bevels, which gives the appearance of a seamless blend from plank to plank. 

While Signature goes for $4.50/SF, Base offers a budget-friendly option at $2.95/SF. 


The 90's Home Design Gets a Glow Up  

Suzy’s home before installing Flooret was still photo-worthy, but the late-20th century green and brown shag carpets made the rooms feel outdated.

“It always felt so small, dark, and dirty,” Suzy says. “Now, it literally feels like a new house. Because our house was on the smaller side, tearing out the carpet and adding a lighter floor made it feel twice as big!”


Suzy installed 1,200 square feet of Lato Base all by herself, and she says it’s been her “most rewarding project.”

“The floor was so easy to install, but it made me feel so strong and like I could do anything!” Suzy says. “Flooring without professional help looks very daunting at first, but once you get into it, it’s actually kind of therapeutic. Seeing the progress always kept me motivated!”

From the beautiful finished result, you would never know that Lato wasn’t installed by a flooring expert.


“I've had installation experience with three other flooring brands and can honestly say that the quality and ease of Flooret's snap-in installation made them stand above all the rest. I have recommended Flooret to many people for this reason!”


Lato blends seamlessly throughout her entire home, brightening up every room and highlighting all of Suzy’s unique decor. We can’t get enough of her amazing style!

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Photos by Meredith Kidd,  @thecamerakidd

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