When Ashley embarked on the exciting journey of becoming a homeowner, she immediately knew that some changes would be necessary to make the home her own. Among these changes, one of the biggest things to tackle was ripping out all the old carpet and replacing it with beautiful new floors.

Ashley had a very specific aesthetic in mind when looking for flooring:

“I was looking for with a desert, mid-century type feel,” Ashley says.

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She was on a tight timeline and needed to find the right floors, fast. Luckily, she discovered Flooret and was able to make her flooring decision within days.

“I closed on my house 5 days after the offer was accepted. In those days, I ordered a couple of samples which came quickly. The day I closed, I ripped up the carpet. The next day I left for a trip. I was going to be moving out of my old house by the end of the month, and I would need to get flooring in and installed before that would happen. I knew my timeline would be tight and I needed to get the ball rolling,” she says.

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Because she was able to order samples to her door in just a few clicks, landing on Yuzen Signature from the Modin LVP Collection came easily, and finished the process while on vacation!

“While I was away, I sent someone to my house to take measurements, and halfway through my trip, I pulled the trigger and made the order. I was able to schedule it to arrive at my house the day after I did,” she says.

If Ashley had gone to a big box store for her flooring journey, she would’ve had to carve time out of her day to visit the physical locations and negotiate with unguaranteed stock and lead times, and potentially make sacrifices for a budget-friendly yet durable and beautiful floor. Ashley summed it up perfectly:

“I appreciate the double punch combo of design and durability. That sold it for me. With other floors, you may find a durable option you like without the design youʼre really looking for, or vice versa. With Flooret, both design and durability being top-notch in these floors.”

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Before she knew it, Ashley was on her way to moving into a like-new home!

Not only do the floors look amazing, but the Modin LVP Collection fits her lifestyle.

“I’m thrilled with the design of these planks. I would choose it all over again,” she says. “It creates a unique, light, welcoming, yet modern aesthetic you donʼt always find everywhere. The floors are easy to clean up and I love how waterproof they are. I've got lots of plants, which means lots of watering. Spills are a breeze. The waterproof element of the Flooret floors lives up to its claims and has been a game-changer.”

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We’re so glad Ashley was able to celebrate her new home with new floors. They’ll last for years to come, no matter how many plant pots she needs to water and move around!

Ready to start your flooring journey? Give us a call at 1-800-700-8122 or visit www.flooret.com to order samples to your doorstep. We’re here to help every step of the way, and are confident we have something for everyone!

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