After experiencing a major fridge ice maker leak, Patrick and his wife, Tori, used their homeowner’s insurance payment to transform their old kitchen into the kitchen of their dreams. There were a lot of factors that went into this transformation, but one of the most effective was replacing their water-damaged floors with luxury vinyl plank!

Although the event itself was traumatic, Patrick and Tori had been wanting a kitchen remodel for quite some time.

“We did not think we were going to have the money to remodel our kitchen for years. Until our home decided it had other plans," Patrick says.

Initially, Patrick and Tori had hardwood flooring throughout their kitchen. They didn’t want to sacrifice the real-wood look but were weary of having floors that couldn’t stand up to moisture again. After doing some research, they landed on Dimalo Signature from the Modin LVP Collection.

Featured: Dimalo Signature

They chose Dimalo for its beautiful design, impressive durability, waterproof construction, scratch resistance, and thick wear layer.

Patrick and Tori were also drawn to the IAQ (indoor air quality) safety features that the Modin Collection offers: zero VOCs, zero off-gassing, 100% phthalate-free.

“They are the best floors I’ve ever had. Waterproof, scratch-proof, and BPA free which means they’re nontoxic," Patrick says.

Featured: Dimalo Signature

Tori’s sister was the one to recommend Flooret to the couple after they mentioned their search. After easily ordering Dimalo to their curb with just a few clicks, they then hired a contractor to complete the install. Getting new floors had never been easier!

According to Patrick and Tori, friends and family who've seen their revamped space couldn't help but exclaim: 

"OMG! I love your floors!"

The satisfaction of their home's newfound charm was amplified by the fact that they never anticipated such a swift and significant upgrade.

Patrick and Tori were able to twist their unexpected incident into a great opportunity for positive change in their home and couldn’t be happier with their remodel. They immediately fell in love with their new flooring and freshly remodeled space.

Featured: Dimalo Signature

Whether you’re doing a kitchen remodel willingly or because it's in need of repair, we have the perfect floor for you! You can give your home that seamless, continuous look since our LVP is suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, and every space in between. Check our Modin LVP Collection out today and order samples to your door in just a few clicks!

Thanks to Tori and Patrick for sharing your story!

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