If you know Modin, you know Soho. It’s our collection’s most loved light wood flooring color in the white oak family. Its distinctive blonde tone is versatile enough to fit in any aesthetic, especially this beautiful, bright home of one of our customers, Jessica!

Jessica found us through an interior design group on Facebook.

“One member shared these GORGEOUS photos of her newly installed Flooret Modin and I fell in love. I did hours and hours of research before finally deciding to take a chance on it - it was one of the best things I did!”

Buying Direct vs. Buying from Big Box Stores

Before finding Flooret, Jessica had been searching for flooring from well-known stores like Home Depot, Costco, and Lowes. She ended up choosing a floor that was advertised well, but in reality, didn’t measure up.

“It was supposedly waterproof, but that bubbled on the first accident my dog had on it.”

Luckily, she had only installed the flooring in a small area of her home, so replacing it with Flooret Modin was a cinch, and she finally has the perfect floors!

The Base vs. Signature Decision

Jessica went back and forth between Soho Base and Signature for a hot minute!

Deciding between Base’s shorter planks and micro bevels or Signature’s enhanced bevel and longer plank was a tough decision. Ultimately, Jessica went with Soho Base, a sturdy 20mil wear layer vinyl plank flooring, and a great budget-friendly option at $2.95/SF.

“I loved that the bevel lines were less noticeable, which helped my smaller rooms seem bigger than they were beforehand. Soho is also the most perfect color - it really brightened up every room, and honestly looks like real hardwood unless you touch it. I absolutely love how realistic the planks look.”

Not only did Soho Base look amazing in her space, but keeping them that way is a piece of cake!

“They are super easy to keep clean, durable, and of course, very resistant to pet spills!”

A Sophisticated Stairway

One of our favorite parts (and there’s a lot to love) of Jessica’s home are her stairs. She installed the Soho Base Square Stair Nosing, and the result is a gorgeous, perfectly matched stairwell!

“People really seem to love the sleek and modern look of the versa cap - every person that enters my home tells me how amazing my new stairwell is.”

We love how the variation in her stairs adds a more natural look!

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Jessica, a talented DIY'er and designer, is always posting the best inspo pictures on her feed, @makingovermadison. Follow her for more beautiful photos of her home!

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