A home renovation often signifies a fresh beginning, a chance for families to breathe new life into a familiar space. For Ashley, however, her home renovation was much more than just new flooring and paint. It was a journey of renewal and resilience to recreate not just a house but a family home.

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After a fire destroyed her home and all of their possessions, Ashley's family found themselves facing the daunting challenge of rebuilding their lives from scratch in the empty lot where their beloved home once stood.

But the family is a testament to resilience. Even during the sixteen months of displacement they faced while their new home was being built, they were able to remain positive and embrace the opportunity for the new beginning that their new home would offer them.

New Home, New Floors

Throughout the build, Ashley was faced with a variety of decisions to make, and while she wished to keep some elements of her previous home in her new one, there was one aspect that she knew she wanted to change.

Ashley knew she wanted an upgrade from her first home’s hardwood and carpet floors, so when the time came to select the flooring of her new house, she set her sights on something different.

Acting on a coworker’s recommendation of Flooret, Ashley decided to explore the brand's luxury vinyl plank options.

After exploring their extensive collection, she fell in love with Pomeroy Signature LVP from our Modin Collection—a medium brown wood floor that she knew would perfectly match the modern farmhouse aesthetic she envisioned for her new space.

 “The color lets me play with different wood tones throughout the home. It has been fun redecorating, and these floors make it easy to pull everything together,“ she says of Flooret’s expansive shade range.

What are Luxury Plank Vinyl Floors?

Luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring is a high-end, waterproof, durable alternative to traditional hardwood flooring. LVP is an ideal and highly sought-after choice for high-traffic areas because of its realistic wood appearance and exceptional durability. 

LVP is made up of multiple wear layers of synthetic material, which greatly contributes to its durability— “They’re beautiful, durable, and they hold up well with our dog.” It’s topped with a layer of protective coating that protects the floor, making it resistant to scratches, dents, and stains. reiterating 

Luxury vinyl plank flooring is popular among new home builders and house renovators due to its durability and high-end look. That, combined with its relatively low cost compared to hardwood flooring or other alternatives, makes it an appealing blend of style and affordability.

The Installation Process

Eager to get her new flooring installed, Ashley placed her order on Flooret’s website, and once her luxury vinyl plank flooring arrived at her doorstep, she called her contractor to begin the installation process.

Luckily, due to Pomeroy Signatures wider plank size, the installation went quickly and easily.

Flooret flooring is designed to be DIY-friendly, with a simple, user-friendly installation process. Many homeowners can install their floors without prior experience if they wish to do so and save some cash on installation costs.

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We recommend mixing and matching planks from a handful of boxes for the best results and a more naturally varied floor.

To get a better feel for the installation process, check out our YouTube playlist with some installation tips. 

Transformative Results

Once installed, Ashley and her family were delighted with the results.

Their floor is now the focal point of their beautiful new home.

Ashley was pleased to note that not only is her new flooring comfortable to walk on, but its stylish brown tones pull together every decorative element of her home, allowing her to experiment with different wood tones, colors, and decor without worrying about anything clashing with her floors.

The medium brown wood floor looks amazing in her new home, and the Johnsons get quite a few compliments on the larger plank size and the beautiful color of their flooring.

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As an added bonus, the LVP is also a breeze to clean, requiring only sweeping and an occasional mop with a damp cloth to keep it looking neat and pristine; a definite bonus for any busy family with both children and dogs!

With the addition of their floors, a new house finally began to feel more like the home they’d lost.

After everything they’ve been through, Ashley is grateful to be back in her old neighborhood, starting a fresh chapter and making memories in her new home with the people she loves.

Why Flooret?

For Ashley, the decision to go with Flooret was an easy one.

She loved the variety of wood tones and textures of Flooret’s products, and, for her, the price was much lower than she’d expected to pay for something with the aesthetics of traditional hardwood. In fact, it was unbeatable for the look and quality of the product she wanted in her new home!

Once she’d made her decision, she found the customer service to be responsive and helpful as well, making the entire process smooth, hassle-free, and easy, from ordering on the website to receiving her packages at her doorstep. “The price was unbeatable for the look and quality of the product, and customer service was responsive and helpful.”

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We are delighted with stories like Ashley’s because Flooret’s mission is to provide our customers with affordable floors that are stylish, beautiful, sustainably sourced, and built from the highest quality materials.

If your space is ready for an upgrade, we recommend starting from the ground up with your floors.

Browse our Modin LVP Collection for the perfect tones and textures to elevate your space and give you the home you’ve been dreaming of.

Or, if you prefer engineered hardwood to LVP, our Silvan Resilient Engineered Hardwood Collection has a variety of stunning choices across a spectrum of hardwood shades and styles, guaranteeing that you’ll find the perfect match for you.

If you need additional assistance deciding the best look and feel for your space, feel free to reach out to one of our flooring experts today to guide you toward the flooring that works best for you and your space.

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