Older homes have quite the charm. It’s interesting to see what was popular back then - shag carpet, cherry cabinets, even popcorn ceilings.

When Katie and her family purchased their 1979 home in early Spring 2021, the first thing she noticed was the flooring. Shag carpet covered the closets, while the rest of the home was covered in white tile.

“That was the most pressing issue for me,” Katie says. “We were excited and relieved to learn that the tile in our home could be treated and covered with luxury vinyl, instead of ripping it out - which made the project feasible with our budget.”

Deciding on a new light wood flooring

Katie started her search for the perfect flooring at big box stores and even smaller flooring companies. She knew she wanted a light wood look floor, but the perfect one was yet to be found, until one day when an interior designer friend, Chelsea Evans, came over to help her visualize.

“She brought me a sample of Soho. It was perfect and became the flooring sample I compared to all the others,” Katie says.

She put her sample through lots of tests.

“Chelsea taught us to scrape flooring samples with a car key to test out their durability. Every time we conducted that test, the choice became clearer!”

Keeping that 70’s charm during a renovation

Although Katie wanted to replace most of the white tile throughout the home, she loved the 70’s aesthetic of the place and chose certain spots to keep its charm. Her goal was to achieve a light and airy feeling without sacrificing what made the home special.

Soho, a timeless light blonde oak color, truly turned out to be the perfect color. It compliments all of Katie’s finishes wonderfully without looking too modern, and doesn’t clash with the rest of her home.

Katie went with Soho Base to fit her project’s budget. At $2.95/SF, Soho Base is the same exact pattern as Soho Signature, but in a more narrow plank and with a 20mil wear layer.

A new look is a labor of love

Chelsea helped Katie design her kitchen, a beautiful, sage green color way that pairs perfectly with Soho. Flooret Modin is great flooring for a kitchen since it is durable, waterproof, and stands up to foot traffic flawlessly.

Katie’s friend also coordinated much of the renovation, including painting, demo, and installing the flooring.

Katie also relied on the Flooret team to carry her through the process.

“The customer service was fantastic and responsive. I was nervous about receiving a large shipment of flooring and about it coming in on our timeline while working with our contractor on the house. At one point, I reached out just to make sure it would arrive on time. I heard back right away and the flooring ended up arriving ahead of schedule!”

Now, Katie couldn’t be happier with her floors.

“I think the flooring is one of the first things you notice when you walk into our home,” Katie says. “The first comment we typically hear is how open and light the space feels when you enter the living room. I think this is due in large part to the flooring! It also looks a lot like hardwood - but it's even better because we can have spills without a worry!”

Katie can rest easy knowing her two kids can play as much as they want and not worry about the messes that happen along the way. 

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