Logan and her husband moved to their first home together after renting for more than four years. The couple was excited to make a home all their own and customize every corner - including the floors!

When they first moved in, the house was beautiful but not to their taste. It came with outdated kitchen appliances and cherry color laminate flooring. 

"The laminate flooring was impossible to keep clean longer than an hour,” Logan says. “It showed so much dirt, dust, and so much dog hair and paw prints!”

Scrolling through Instagram one day, Logan happened upon one of Flooret’s ads.

“Most IG ads are never worth it, but we hit it big with Flooret,” she laughs. “I’ve never been more grateful for the IG algorithm!”

Logan needed a floor that was going to look and feel real, but also keep up with her and her husband’s busy lifestyle and accommodate their furry friends. At first sight, the Soho Signature samples blew her away.

“I can’t believe it’s not real wood. Every other LVP I got samples for looked so fake, but Flooret’s bevels and variation in pattern is the best I’ve seen.”

Logan chose to go with Soho Signature from Flooret’s Modin LVP Collection. The beautiful white oak floor color is versatile and truly shines in Logan’s distinctly modern and warm style.

Her installer was also impressed with Flooret, and it was his first installation of our luxury vinyl plank flooring.

“He had never seen such a real-looking LVP product before, and never one with such a large width!”

In addition to looking great, the floor also feels great.

“I also love how much cushion the signature line has! I can stay on my feet all day without needing a foot rub at night, which is huge since we have concrete underneath.”

Modin comes with a pre-attached IXPE foam underlayment, which is waterproof and makes each plank feel comfortable underfoot for years to come. 

Logan only had one more box that Flooret needed to check: would it keep up with her pets?

“As an owner of two dogs that shed and love to roll around in the grass, this flooring hides dirt and dog hair so well, and vacuuming and mopping is a breeze!”

Light wood floors like Soho have the effect of opening up a space, highlighting it in a way that makes it look clean and inviting.

“Our house doesn’t get great natural light, but the light color of Soho brightened the space up immediately.”

From chatting with our “top-notch” customer service, to finally getting the floors installed, Logan couldn’t be happier with Soho. Logan says that Flooret LVP is always what visitors compliment first.

"First they say, ‘I love your hardwoods!’ and I’m always tempted to let them believe it is.”

We’re so excited to have been a part of Logan’s journey in finding the perfect flooring for her space! 

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