Flooring for a Family Home | Shannon's Story
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January 29, 2021By Chesiree Katter

Flooring for a Family Home | Shannon's Story

Shannon wanted to bring her home of several different flooring types to one single, cover-all floor. 

“We wanted the flooring to flow and be cohesive throughout the whole house.”

After searching the usual websites -- Houzz, Reddit, FloorCritics, and Instagram, she and her husband landed on Flooret as the perfect choice.

“Before deciding on Flooret Modin Rigid flooring, we had researched floors for over a year. Collecting flooring samples, and testing the samples against water, weight, scratches, etc. I even made excel spreadsheets of flooring data. It was not a rushed decision by any means!” 

Flooret came in at #1 for its durability, and Shannon fell in love with Arbor Signature for her home.

“[It] is such a beautiful rich brown. I love its contrast against our white trim."

For Shannon and her family, durability and simple upkeep was priority. “Flooret is so soft and warm underfoot, unlike our previous tile and laminate. It has been incredibly durable and easy to care for, honestly just the perfect flooring for us.”

Shannon also added,

“The flooring has withstood spilled paint, olive oil, grease, wine, you name it (I am seriously clumsy!), and also accidents from our two kitties... it just wipes right up.”


Shannon says that Arbor receives multiple compliments from friends and family, and she’s glad that the experience with us was good from start to finish, saying that the best thing about working with Flooret is our customer service.

“We truly think we made the absolute best choice for our home with Flooret and are very happy with our floors.”

We are so glad we could be a part of your beautiful remodel, Shannon! 

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