Shahab and Erica Shekari had big plans for 2020. They were engaged to be married and had a date picked out. However, when COVID-19 struck, they moved their ceremony not once, but twice, and finally decided they’d plan something else in the meantime: a home remodel!

Flooring Priorities: Pet-Friendly and Modern

Prior to the remodel, the Shekari’s townhome had carpet and bamboo flooring. The family consisted of more than the newly engaged couple – they had two dogs and a cat to account for – and wanted flooring that could stand up to a large amount of daily paw traffic.

Neither carpet nor bamboo flooring is ideal for a family with pets. Carpet stains easily, holds onto odors, and attracts fur that can cause dander and allergy issues. It’s also pretty easy for carpet to get ripped up by claws. Bamboo flooring is a price-friendly alternative to hardwood, but it is prone to warping and only has a lifespan of 10-25 years.

How Luxury Vinyl Plank is the Most Pet-Friendly Flooring

The Shekaris started their search for replacement flooring at Home Depot. Having no prior experience in remodeling, they started with aesthetics: they wanted a light, modern vibe for their home.

Not satisfied with the selection, they discovered Flooret online and were able to find the perfect match for their style: Yuzen Signature from the Modin Rigid Luxury Vinyl Plank Collection.

Our luxury vinyl flooring outperforms both carpet and bamboo flooring in a multitude of ways. For one, it is 100% waterproof, so no amount of accidents or spills will cause liquid damage to the planks. It's also scratch-resistant and is built with a 40 mil wear layer which stands up brilliantly to claws, zoomies, and indoor games of fetch.

Modin LVP is FloorScore Certified, meets the most stringent Indoor Air Quality Standards, has no traces of VOCs, is phthalate-free, and has no formaldehyde off-gassing, meaning it's safe for the whole family, furry friends included.

Finally, the Modin LVP Collection has a lifetime residential warranty and has a lifespan that outlives any alternatives, including hardwood, laminate, and other vinyl flooring brands.

First-Time DIY’ing a Home Remodel with Flooret

Erica and Shahab decided to take their remodel hands-on.

“We had absolutely no experience in renovating a house, but ended up learning everything as we went,” they said.

By working with the Flooret team to learn about installation as well as consulting our YouTube channel, the Shekaris were able to install 1300 SF of Yuzen Signature flooring throughout their home and on their 20+ step staircase. For a first-time DIY couple, the results are stunning!

Now, Erica and Shahab are among the thousands of Flooret customers who have installed their home’s flooring on their own. All of our collections are completely DIY-friendly, but if you ever want some help from a professional, we’re happy to find you one with our Installer Request form.

A Flooring Job Well Done

The Shekari family couldn’t be happier with their flooring.

“We appreciate the texture and details in each plank. Additionally, having wide and long planks adds a feeling of luxury to our home. Our favorite feature would definitely be how easy they are to clean up,” they said.

With two dogs and a cat, easy cleaning is an absolute must!

“We find them to be incredibly durable and they're standing up as we had hoped against our dogs playing fetch in the house and normal wear and tear.”

With the Shekari family’s excellent sense of style, Yuzen fits perfectly into their beautiful home. We hope you and the family love your flooring for years to come, Erica and Shahab!

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