Breanna and her family put in a great deal of time and effort to build their new home, choosing to handle many of the construction tasks themselves. When it came time to decide on flooring, they knew they needed a product that would not only be durable enough to withstand the wear and tear that comes with children and pets but would be easy enough to install on their own. While it can be challenging to find flooring options that seamlessly combine durability and DIY-friendly installation with style and high-end aesthetics, Breanna found that she didn't have to make any compromises when she opted for Flooret.

“We knew with kids and pets we wanted LVP, but also wanted to make sure it looked like real hardwood.”

Featured: Lato Signature

Breanna chose
Lato Signature from Flooret's Modin Luxury Vinyl Plank Collection for her 3,000 square-foot home. She was drawn to the length and width of the planks, which give them a high-end look and feel, matching her home’s aesthetic without going over her budget. The Modin Signature line was the perfect choice for Breanna, standing out with its extra-large planks, enhanced bevels, and industry-leading 40 mil wear layer.

“The width and length of the planks make it look high-end, but at a very affordable price.”

Lato Signature

Once Breanna received her flooring, she got to work on the installation. Calling a few friends to help, they installed them in no time. The rigid plank design and pre-attached underlayment allowed them to install their Flooret flooring directly over their existing floors and eliminated the need for additional underlayment. 

“It was amazing how easy it was to install without a contractor, and it looks amazing! Once you get going, it goes by quickly. We were able to install around 3000 SF in just three days with a crew of about four people.”

Lato Signature

Once the flooring was installed, Breanna and her family completed the build with confidence, knowing the floors were ready for life in their new home.

“We love them! They are easy to clean and maintain, and they look great. We are constantly getting asked what brand they are and have had two friends install Flooret in their homes because they loved the look and feel of ours.”

We hope Breanna and her family continue to enjoy their floors and are proud of the work they’ve done to build their beautiful home! 

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