"Home renovation takes time, and there’s value in enjoying your home during the in-between phases," Erin says.

During her home renovation, which included new paint, decor, appliances, and flooring, Erin reflected on how her home evolved.

"Having the space updated is amazing, but acknowledging that the house served us well before is important too."

Erin Vitale wished to update her home with new flooring while still paying tribute to its origins. It was important for her to be intentional about every change she made; the floors were no exception.

She started her search for flooring on Pinterest and Instagram and discovered Flooret there. Our Pinterest gallery is full of beautiful photos of all of our colors.

If you are ever looking for home inspo, that is the place to go!

Our Instagram is where we feature the work that goes into a transformation like Erin's, who posts her DIY renovation journey on her page, @oliveandmax.         


DIY-ing a Vinyl Plank Flooring Installation

Erin chose Soho Base, which looks right at home with her modern-traditional aesthetic. Erin says the home instantly looks lighter and brighter thanks to Soho's timeless honey oak color.

"I love the color and the choice of bevel versus no bevel. The floors are modern and timeless," she says.

Soho is one of the most popular colors in the Modin Collection and is available in all three of our Modin models. You have the option of Soho Signature, our widest and longest plank that comes with enhanced bevels and a 40-mil wear layer, Soho Craftsman, which shares the length and wear layer of Signature in a narrow plank construction at just 3.35" wide, or Soho Base, Erin's choice, which is slightly narrower and shorter than Signature with a 20-mil wear layer.

For customers on a budget, Soho Base is a wonderful option. The 20-mil wear layer is sufficient for residential home use, and the micro bevels give it a seamless look.

"I did all of the demo and floor installation myself. That included wall repair, baseboards, and painting," Erin says. "We had outdated and tired carpet. It brought the room aesthetic way down despite everything else being updated."

Erin tore up her house's old carpet, room by room, and installed Soho Base one section at a time until the entire home was transformed.

"It went relatively smooth. The installation is DIY-beginner-friendly, and anyone can do it with patience! The space feels instantly updated," Erin says. "Doing the install yourself can help you stay within budget and move your timeline along."

When the Look and Quality Is Right

Not only does Soho Base look stunning in Erin's home, but she is also a fan of the quality of her floors.

"The best thing about working with Flooret was the selection of products and the excellent quality. I would choose Flooret flooring and work with them again in an instant."

We love Erin's finished look and are so glad she does too! Follow along for more of her DIY-home renovation journey on Instagram @oliveandmax.

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