Luxury vinyl plank flooring, or  LVP, is one of the most popular flooring choices today – and for a good reason! This durable, waterproof floor covering is perfect for homes with children and pets. It’s also easy to install, making it a great do-it-yourself project for homeowners.

Starting The Search For The Perfect Luxury Flooring

Cameron and Anna purchased their 100-year-old home with high hopes.

"We purchased this home with old, dirty taupe carpet in all the bedrooms and laminate flooring from 2005. It was not the most realistic looking wood, to say the least," Cameron says.

At first, the couple tried to match the laminate flooring already in the home. But then, they discovered a bad leak in the bedroom that had begun to spread throughout the house.

"The leak had become so bad that it caused mold damage to the drywall, carpet, and subfloor. Literally, the drywall was falling apart to the touch," Cameron says.

They knew a remodel was in order, so Cameron researched different flooring brands and options.

"A lot of [the options] just looked too fake," Cameron says. "[The research] was excessive. My fiancé even got to the point of telling me I had a problem. But the floors’ gotta be perfect!"

After almost giving up their search, Cameron discovered an Instagram ad for Flooret; the rest is history.

They loved the look of  Soho and Lato Base from the Modin Rigid LVP Collection. They ultimately decided on Soho without even ordering a sample! Now that's confidence — and it paid off!

A DIY Project - With A Bit Of Help From A Pro

"Our home was built in 1924, so me thinking this was a simple DIY job had the house pointing and laughing at me," Cameron says.

One of the most important parts of installing luxury vinyl flooring is ensuring the subfloor is in the best possible condition. The subfloor should be completely even with no cracks or signs of deterioration.

"None of the subfloors were even remotely level," Cameron says. "Every room took multiple weekends to complete because of the amount of prep and leveling work needed. Not to mention uncovering what were not the best construction decisions made by previous owners of our home."

Eventually, Cameron enlisted the help of a professional to get the subfloor into tip-top shape. He says it was worth it because, from that point on, installing the actual Flooret flooring was a breeze!

"Installation of the planks themselves was super easy. Easier than I thought, and this was my first time," Cameron says.

Now, Cameron and Anna love their home's new look!

"The Soho Base planks really pulled the look of our home together and brightened it up! It looks like a whole new space in all the best ways."

Happy At Last In A Hundred-Year Home

The couple is happy with their  Soho Base floors and has styled them beautifully from room to room. We love the light, bright vibe of the home!

"I really love how light and blonde they are," Cameron says. "I don't like planks that have a ton of contrast between them, and these planks feel more uniform than most. Again, they really brighten up our space."

Soho is one of the colors in the Modin Collection that has minimal variation from plank to plank, so the flooring will generally have a consistent shade throughout the space it's installed in. If you prefer floors with greater between-plank color variation and details like natural-looking knots, the Modin Collection has plenty of those, too, like Nakan or even Palka!

"The planks look pretty real! A lot of other LVP planks out there look printed, but these are the best set I have seen out of all the samples we saw out there," Cameron says.

On top of loving the product, Cameron also came to love working with the Flooret team.

"I probably used the live chat feature 10-15 times to ask questions about our purchase, before and after, and they were always incredibly informative," Cameron says. "They always had the right answers, and you could tell they were very knowledgeable about their products."

Our team is happy to help you with every step of your flooring project! There are multiple ways to contact us for your convenience. You can live chat via our site, email us at, or call us at 1-800-700-8122 Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM PST.

We are so happy for this beautiful soon-to-be-wedded couple and hope they love their flooring for years to come!

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