28th Dec 2022

6 Perfect Spaces to Install the Silvan Collection

6 Perfect Spaces to Install the Silvan Collection

Flooret’s Silvan Resilient Hardwood Collection is picking up speed in the hardwood space, and not just because of its stunning appearance. The Silvan Collection is 3x more durable than typical hardwood and topically waterproof, giving it a leg up on engineered hardwood.

For those who love the feel of real wood underfoot and appreciate the natural variation that comes with it, the Silvan Collection is a true winner. Here are some spaces we imagine Silvan would look incredible in, created using our Room Studio Tool.

You can use our Room Studio Tool to visualize any of our flooring options and even upload your own photo to see how our floors might look in your space!

Which decor style matches your own?

1. Oban 7”

Oban is an elegant malted barley brown color, the perfect in-between of dark and light flooring. This medium brown shade will ground any space. It melts right into this farmhouse/traditional home. Just look at how it brings out those stunning ceiling beams!

2. Anza 7”

Named after the beautiful desert state park in California, Anza is a nod to striking golden sand lit up during the golden hour. It is right at home in this bohemian desert-themed oasis.

3. Brimmon 7”

Dark floors are perfect for bringing balance to a space full of color. Brimmon, a rich, toasted deep brown, looks especially good alongside the eclectic decor of this apartment. Pack on the color: Brimmon can handle it!

4. Lyon 7"

Lyon is the perfect flooring for those who want a sense of calm zen in their space. The muted taupe tones compliment any decor, especially a monochromatic theme like this one. Lyon will bring a sense of lightness to every space.

5. Evern 7”

Mid-century modern fans will appreciate Evern for its cool greige shades. It’s the perfect canvas for geometric shapes, angles, innovative lighting, and wood accents.

6. Balboa 7”

Is your style a blend of several aesthetics? Balboa can be the uniting element to help bind them together. Balboa looks excellent with all interior design styles, including a monochrome color scheme, lots of greenery, or pops of color. In other words, it's the perfect neutral.

Envision Flooret in Your Space

We could go on and on with all the endless possibilities, but ultimately, with Silvan, you can’t go wrong!

The Room Studio Tool can help you choose the perfect flooring for your space. The entire Silvan collection is built for living life and can handle whatever you throw at it, so all that’s left is choosing the perfect shade for your space!

Questions? We’re here to help! Call us at 1-800-700-8122 if you’d like assistance with any of our collections.