It’s time for another groundbreaking addition to the Flooret family: beautiful and sustainable hardwood that’s made to last.

For years, the Modin Luxury Vinyl Plank Collection has been Flooret’s leading product. Unrivaled in its industry-leading specs and performance, Modin is trusted by hundreds of thousands of customers in homes and commercial spaces alike.

While we’ll always provide the best in luxury vinyl with the Modin Collection, we are continuously striving to expand our offerings to include a variety of high-quality flooring options. Luxury vinyl is an excellent option for many – it is durable, easy to clean, often easier on a budget, and still has extremely realistic features that make it practically indistinguishable from real wood.

However, for some, genuine hardwood is still their preferred flooring. Knowing this, we saw an opportunity to introduce a collection that offers the best of both worlds in durability and aesthetics, and the Silvan Resilient Hardwood Collection was born.

About the Silvan Collection

Pictured: Evern 7"

So what’s special about the Silvan Resilient Hardwood Collection, compared to other engineered hardwood flooring? The key is taking an already-loved product and making it even better with Flooret’s extremely high standards and eye for design.

Real Hardwood Meets Expert Engineering

The Silvan Resilient Hardwood Collection is Flooret’s innovative take on combining the natural essence of real hardwood with cutting-edge technology to enhance its durability. It is topped with a UV-cured acrylic protective coating, has a high-density core, is topically waterproof, and is impact resistant. With all these features combined, Silvan is 3x harder than traditional hardwood.

Pictured: Brimmon 7"

Silvan features a drop-click mechanism that makes it extremely DIY-friendly, just like Modin. Every collection we offer at Flooret enables you to take part in the installation process, whether you’re a flooring expert or a renovation novice.

Silvan Resilient Hardwood: Sustainable to its Core

Pictured: Anza 7"

The Silvan Collection is Flooret’s most earth-friendly product yet. It is crafted with FSC© 100% Hardwood from sustainably-managed European forests. Having a Forest Stewardship Council Certification means that Silvan meets the gold standard for ethical production. Additionally, Silvan’s core is made out of repurposed sawdust that would normally be burned or sent to a landfill – so it’s a truly sustainable, eco-friendly flooring from the inside out!

The majority of Silvan’s planks are made in Sweden, a country that consistently leads the rest of the world in clean and renewable energy practices.

Resilient Hardwood: An Unmatched Look and Feel

Those who prefer hardwood over manmade flooring often argue that real wood feels the best underfoot. While Modin LVP features a pre-attached, luxurious IXPE-foam underlayment that feels soft and comfortable while walking, for some, there is no comparison to that close-to-nature feel of hardwood floors.

Pictured: Oban 7"

Silvan’s expansively long and wide planks look stunning and feel great underfoot. Each plank has a lovely, subtle sheen and micro bevels for a seamless look that is gorgeous in every space.

Silvan comes in five unique colors:

  • Anza: A relaxing mid-tone brown
  • Balboa: A natural sepia
  • Lyon: A muted taupe-grey
  • Evern: A light and cool greige
  • Brimmon: A rich, toasted deep brown

Every color is available in a luxurious 7x78" plank size. For those who want to take it even further, Balboa and Anza are also offered in an extra-long and wide 11x86" size. Each Silvan plank is lovingly and meticulously designed to bring the best out of any space.

Choosing Engineered Hardwood Flooring For Your Next Project

Pictured: Lyon 7"

We’ve worked hard with the Silvan Collection to ensure that it’s a flooring suitable for any project. Whether you have a family home full of life with pets, kids, and visitors, or a serene space to get away from it all, Silvan is meant to live in harmony with your lifestyle, and look beautiful while doing it.

Samples of all colors are available to be shipped directly to your door. Since Silvan is a real-wood product that’s designed by nature, we recommend ordering 3-5 cut samples of each color that you’re interested in so you can get a sense of the natural variation. 

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