What You Can Do With 500 SF of LVP
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March 18, 2022By Chesiree Katter

What You Can Do With 500 SF of LVP

We’re giving away 500 SF of #FreeFlooret! The winner of this giveaway will be gifted flooring from any collection, in any color they choose.

Imagine all the projects you could tackle with 500 SF of flooring from Flooret. There are so many possibilities! You could start or finish a large-scale renovation, refresh a level of your home, floor a new addition, or even pass it on to someone who needs it.

To get you inspired, we’ve listed five things you can accomplish with 500 SF of luxury vinyl flooring. Check it out!

1. Replace Your Apartment Carpet With Vinyl Flooring

It’s rare nowadays to move into an apartment that has high-quality flooring. Oftentimes, between tenants, a complex will use the quickest, cheapest solution to usher in the next resident. This means laminate floors, linoleum, or even the dreaded carpet!

Pictured: Soho Base

With the average apartment size sitting around 500 SF, winning this giveaway could easily grant you an apartment makeover! Installing high-quality LVP from the Modin Collection would not only beautify your space today but would also provide durable flooring for years to come with Modin’s commercial-grade 40-mil wear layer.

2. Start or Finish Your Home Renovation

Winning 500 SF of flooring would be an incredible opportunity if you fall into either of these home reno phases:

  • You’re at the home stretch of your home renovation with new paint, new furniture, and new countertops… the last and most expensive step is flooring. Now you’ve got a few rooms covered! 
  • You’re just starting your renovation, and want a head start on materials.

Pictured: Queensbury Signature | Picture © Alyssa Rosenheck

No matter what the size of your project is, 500 SF of the Flooret flooring of your choice is no small contribution. Completing your renovation will feel even better knowing you had a helpful boost! 

3. Elevate Your Business With Commercial Flooring

If you own a restaurant or storefront, having high-quality flooring is key. Your highly-trafficked areas will benefit from Modin Signature and Craftman’s 40-mil wear layer, which is durable, scratch-resistant, and 100% waterproof. 

Plus, Modin’s limestone-based core gives it extra stability, so you can install it seamlessly, even in runs as long as 100 ft.

Our flooring has been installed in a variety of commercial spaces, like The Gabriel Hotel in Miami, Florida, where the designers selected Oxden Signature from the Modin Collection as the perfect match for their high-end, luxurious aesthetic. Used in both the lobby and conference rooms, Oxden Signature stood up to the popular hotel’s heavy foot traffic without showing any wear.

Pictured: Oxden Signature

Modin Rigid LVP is also ideal for restaurants, like CVLTVRA Miami, which used both Kingswood Signature and Arbor Signature in an eccentric design, or BrewCo Coffee House in Kansas that used Ashford Signature for a cozy yet polished look. 

Pictured: Ashford Signature

With durable luxury vinyl commercial flooring, you can worry less about how your floors are holding up and focus more on keeping your customers and clients happy! 

4. Install the Best Flooring In Your ADU

If your main space already has the perfect flooring (hopefully it’s also Flooret!), why not build another?

Additional Dwelling Units, or ADUs, have been rising in popularity for their versatility and ease of construction. ADU floor plans are very versatile and can accommodate a variety of purposes, such as home offices, rentals, home gyms, or workshops.

Pictured: Soho Signature

Using vinyl flooring in your ADU is a great way to ensure it lasts through the years and stays looking luxurious!

5. Donate Flooring to a Friend, Family Member, or Charity

If you’re a Flooret fan and know that someday you’ll want to use it in your space, but don’t have an immediate need, there’s probably a friend or family member out there that would love a 500 SF flooring surprise!

You can also choose to donate your prize to a local nonprofit or charity that needs it, such as EarthEnable, a charity on a mission to provide flooring for people in Rwanda. We proudly donate quarterly to EarthEnable to support their mission.

EarthEnable creates sustainable and sanitary earthen floors that are sealed with a special oil that costs 90% less than traditional linseed oil. The floors are all-natural, safe, and easy to clean. By making a safe environment for the people of Rwanda to call home, EarthEnable is creating the opportunity for the people of Rwanda to thrive and lead healthy lives.

How to Enter the Giveaway 

There are tons of different ways to earn extra entries in the #FreeFlooret Flooring Giveaway, such as following us on different social media platforms, viewing our content, or even tagging us in a video of your own.

If you’re ready to get started on your next project with our luxury vinyl plank flooring, head to our official giveaway page and enter today.

Giveaway ends April 15. The winner will be announced on April 19.

Good luck!

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