Sutton is one of those special colors; it’s timeless, versatile, and beautiful to look at. Fans of natural wood floors love Sutton for its distinctive wire-brushing and realistic detailing. Sutton can be styled in so many different ways; depending on the elements surrounding it, it could look sleek and modern or organic and down-to-earth. This makes Sutton the perfect floor for those who are constantly changing their space’s look and want a floor that’ll keep up. 

Let’s take a look at our top five favorite Sutton installations. 

A Designer’s Hawai’i Condo 

Liza Nicole has been one of Flooret’s favorite interior designers for years, and it’s easy to see why: she knows how to create beautiful spaces. Liza used Sutton Signature in her Hawai’i residence to deliver a relaxed, bohemian vibe to the space.

Alongside muted navy accents and natural textures, Sutton offers a refined cohesiveness to the apartment as it flows seamlessly from room to room. 

Learn more about Liza Nicole’s project in her Designer Spotlight

A Forever Family Home 

Sutton was the solution to a family member’s allergy issuessolution to a family member’s allergy issues in this beautiful, eclectic home. Angela’s son suffered from allergies due to the carpet in their townhouse, and the solution came in the form of luxury vinyl plank flooring from the Modin Collection. 

Sutton adds a grounded vibe to the home, complementing its surrounding accents nicely, like warm leather chairs and even a cow rug. As the family’s aesthetic changes, Sutton will be able to accommodate it, making it the perfect flooring for a forever home. 

A Beautiful Beach Getaway 

It turns out that Sutton looks just as stunning with bright, pastel colors as it does with muted and natural colors. This beach getaway feels like an instant vacation with its coral accents, Tiffany Blue cabinetry and walls, and sea-themed artwork. 

Sutton gives the feeling of a sandy shore next to a sparkling blue ocean, lending just enough neutrals to the space to keep it modern. Because our Modin luxury vinyl plank is 100% waterproof and scratch-resistant, it’s the best flooring for a beach house. 

A Residential Retreat 

These apartments do a modern yet cozy take on Sutton, pairing it with minimalistic cabinetry and pendant lighting alongside navy pinstripe accents. The result is an aesthetic that’s on-point for San Diego living. 

With Sutton Signature’s 40-mil wear layer, the apartments can stand up to any amount of foot traffic while maintaining their high-end look. 

Sutton in a Skyscraper 

Completing our list is another stunning space in our neighborhood of San Diego. This office was built by a local contractor we’ve worked with for over five years. A member of our Trade Rewards Program, they’ve come to love our product for its luxurious specs and aesthetic at the right price. 

Sutton matches the office’s eclectic yet refined furnishings flawlessly, making it the perfect foundation for colorful rugs and accents. 

Ready for your next project? So is Sutton. 

Sutton Signature is part of our Featured Summer Colors collection, which also includes Dimalo SignatureElmstead SignaturePomeroy SignatureBrenwick Signature, and Queensbury Signature

If you’re ready to tackle your summer remodel, the Flooret team has your back. Order our Summer Sample Kit here to get started!

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