Autumn 2023 is bringing about some exciting changes: Our newest flooring shade, Jova Signature, has finally joined the Modin LVP Collection.

Our Modin Collection comes with a specially curated range of realistic colors, and there’s something for everyone, from greys to brownslights to darks. Still, we were on the hunt for the “perfect” neutral. Something that could be the ideal canvas for any space, complement a variety of decor, and round out our collection.

Jova is a color that embodies all of those ideas. It is a light floor with minimal color variation, making it an ideal choice for creating a serene and harmonious living space.

Here are some ways to incorporate Jova Signature in your upcoming projects:

Keep it Minimal

Minimalism will forever have a place in the design world. Jova provides the perfect backdrop for elegant yet simple furniture. It will pair well with any neutral tone and gives that sense of peace and calm that Scandinavian design is known for.

Dress it Up 

Since Jova has minimal variation, it means that it won’t overcrowd a space that’s decorated with bright colors and dramatic pieces. Let it balance your decor by offering that perfect amount of neutral.

A Fresh Start for Move In

Building a new home from the ground up and wondering what the new homeowner will like? It’s impossible to go wrong with Jova. If you’re a contractor, designer, or builder, these unique floors won’t just look luxurious. Future residents will be impressed with the durability of their new luxury vinyl plank flooring. They’ll be able to envision creating the space as their own thanks to Jova’s endless possibilities.

Although it’s only been released for a few weeks, Jova is quickly taking its place in our list of bestselling shades. Grab a sample now and get it shipped to your door in just a few clicks.

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