Building a dream home from scratch can be an incredibly daunting task. Between the  design process, selecting the right materials and finishes, and all the construction headaches that come with any build, it’s enough to make your head spin. So how do you make sure that your home building project goes as smoothly as possible? You start from the ground up and choose the perfect flooring to be the foundation for your home.

With our expert team's help and a  variety of excellent flooring options to choose from, the Shiman Family was able to build their forever home with the very best.

Choosing Vinyl Plank Flooring vs. Vinyl Tile for a New Home Build

Christen originally started her search for flooring online. She researched a variety of flooring types and had originally thought that wood-look tile would be their choice. The family moved into a temporary home before starting their new build, and it was equipped with vinyl tile flooring. They discovered that it wasn’t ideal – it felt too hard and cold underfoot, and the maintenance wasn't a good match for their lifestyle, either.

“The idea of that much grout throughout a home, much less one in the country like ours, was a little scary,” Christen says.

The family also considered hardwood flooring, which they’d had throughout one of their previous homes, but it was just a bit out of budget.

Based on these past experiences, the Shiman family refined their criteria and began searching specifically for flooring that looks like wood, feels comfortable underfoot, and fits within the budget. Soon after beginning that search, they were able to discover the Flooret Modin Rigid LVP Collection, which checked all the boxes.

The Shiman family honed in on LVP as their ideal flooring after seeing  beautiful photos of installations. Inspired, and knowing they could potentially introduce a pet to the family and build a pool without worrying about their new floors, they finalized their decision and ordered Soho Base from the Modin Collection.

The Modin Rigid Luxury Vinyl Plank Collection is our flagship product, with dozens of colors and three different models of luxury vinyl flooring that all feature highly realistic, designer-curated wood-look patterns. The Modin Collection features wear layers ranging from 20-mil to 40-mil, and an  IXPE foam underlayment for ultimate comfort underfoot.

“Good news is, for the quality you receive, Flooret pricing cannot be beaten!” Christen says.

The Modin Collection is also 100% waterproof and scratch-resistant, so it was a perfect fit for the Shiman family lifestyle and future plans.

Choosing Soho: A Beautiful, Light, Oak-Inspired LVP

Soho is one of the most popular colors in the Modin LVP Collection, and it's easy to see why when looking at pictures of Christen’s home. Soho's warm tones match any design style, add a fresh brightness to any space, and look just like natural golden oak wood flooring.

“The color is exactly what I envisioned: warm but not yellow, light, and airy. The matte texture makes them feel less like plastic and they are softer than tile and not at all cold to the touch,” Christen says.

Soho is available in a variety of styles, including Signature, Base, and Craftsman. The main aesthetic  difference between Modin Base and Signature is found in the bevel style – Signature has enhanced bevels that distinguish each plank as well as the length and width. Modin Signature features extra-long and wide planks, whereas Base offers a more moderately-sized plank.

Another difference is the wear layer. Signature offers an industry-leading 40-mil wear layer, and Base offers a 20-mil commercial-grade wear layer. Every model in the Modin Collection is backed by a lifetime residential warranty.

The third member of the Modin family,  Craftsman, is Flooret’s LVP take on narrow plank flooring. It features the micro bevels found in the Base model and the sturdy 40-mil wear layer of the Signature model.

Christen ultimately decided on Soho Base, and was happy with their decision.

“We desired a more seamless look and Soho base, with its micro-bevel and color pattern, gave us exactly that. It feels modern yet cozy!”

We’ve seen Soho in so many designs, from boho to  contemporary, minimalist to traditional, and it looks stunning every time.

“I love how there is just enough shading, from dark to light, and a few knots to make the floors look realistic without them looking busy. The color also holds up and looks fantastic at all times of the day and in all directions of natural light,” Christen says.

Christen hired an installer that had never worked with Modin LVP before, and they noted that the product was extraordinarily easy to work with after finishing the entire installation job in a single day. Everyone who has seen Christen’s Soho Base raves about the color and says that it feels great to walk on.

Working with the Flooret Team is a Bonus

With Flooret, you get the bonus of working with a team that is extremely knowledgeable about all of our products. By skipping the showroom, you are able to purchase flooring directly from the source, saving time and money in the process.

Christen says that working with our team was a huge part of the reason why she’d recommend Flooret.

“I’m a huge believer in excellent customer service and that will 9/10 times earn my business,” Christen says. “Just about the only thing that may cause me to choose a different company over customer service would be price. With the quality, price point, and colors, Flooret is a major competitor in the flooring industry. We are so thankful we discovered this company!”

We’re so happy you love your Flooret floors, Christen!

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