Comparing Signature, Craftsman and Base: Wear-Layer, Size, and Bevel

The Modin Rigid Luxry Vinyl Plank Collection currently comes in three lines. They mainly differ in wear layer, bevel type, and size (length/width). While wear layer does not affect the appearance of a plank, pattern, size and bevel type do. 

Featured: Brenwick SignatureCraftsman and Base

This blog post will help you differentiate the different lines with stunning examples of them installed in different spaces. From our FAQ

Modin Signature is our top-of-the-line spec with all the bells and whistles. It comes with wider and longer planks, an industry-leading wear layer, and four-sided enhanced bevels. Modin Craftsman features the same durability as Signature but in a narrow plank with micro bevels. Modin Base is a great option for projects that have a tighter budget and features smaller planks with micro bevels.

This blog post will help you compare the different lines with stunning examples of them installed in different spaces! 


The Modin Rigid Luxury Vinyl Plank Collection Signature Line is perfect for those looking for wide vinyl plank flooring.  With a 40 mil wear layer, these floors are a top choice in terms of durability. The enhanced bevels of the Signature line also make our vinyl planks look incredibly realistic to real wood, defining and enhancing the planks' luxurious length.

Featured: Soho Signature

Signature's extra long planks add a touch of luxury to any aesthetic, especially expansive spaces. 

One of our interior design friends, Nicole Wright, weighs in:

"I always say that I love the dimensions that the enhanced bevels give the floor. They really show the size of the planks, which is a huge selling point for me, because larger planks do give a room a larger more open feeling."

Featured: Nakan Signature


Modin Base offers a still way above-average 20 mil wear layer, and comes in a slightly more narrow and shorter plank with micro bevels, which gives the appearance of a seamless blend from plank to plank. It's the perfect choice for people who love the shade range of the Modin Collection, but want a more budget-friendly alternative that still holds up in the home or commercial spaces.

Featured: Lato Base

Another one of our favorite designers, Liza Nicole, weighs in: 

"A clean transition between planks allows the space to both open up, but also be a wonderful supporting player to other design elements in the room."

Featured: Soho Base


In 2021, we launched the third member of the Modin Family: Modin Craftsman. This line was our tribute to Craftsman style homes and their timeless aesthetic. Craftsman is narrow plank flooring, with a plank width of just 3.35". It has the same 40-mil wear layer as Signature and has micro bevels, just like Base.

Featured: Nakan Craftsman

Craftsman is perfect for those who love to bring out a floor's natural variation, which is especially beautiful in large, expansive spaces or spaces with a vintage vibe. 

Featured: Kingswood Craftsman

Seeing it Side-By-Side

Here is how each line of Modin looks like side-by-side, installed in different spaces.

Featured: Nakan SignatureCraftsman and Base

Here is a chart that compares the foundational specs of each line.

Check out the Flooret FAQs for a side-by-side comparison about Base, Craftsman and Signature's specs, and to look up more information about our flooring!

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