The #MyFlooret Video & Photo Contest has been an excellent way for customers to share their spaces with the Flooret community. We love seeing all of the different ways our flooring is installed. This year, we're excited about the contest’s third run! Learn how to enter below and browse some of the previous years’ winning entries!

The Competition is On: The 2022 #MyFlooret Video & Photo Contest is Here

Entering the contest is easy: All you have to do is have Flooret installed in your space, then film a short review of the product, or submit a photo of your space. Whether you installed your flooring this year or five years ago, we want to hear how you love it!

To enter, visit the official contest page and submit your entry there. You can also post your entry to social media channels like YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok for bonus entries and a chance to be featured on our page!

Let's look at our previous contest winners from the 2019 and 2021 #MyFlooret Video & Photo Contests for some inspiration!

Mike C. from Beaumont, CA

Mike installed  Ashford Signature from the Modin Collection in his home and called it "indestructible." He worked with his contractor to find the ideal flooring for a family home full of foot traffic, paw traffic, and plasma cart traffic!

Ashford flows beautifully in Mike's home as it runs continuously through his living room, kids' playroom, and even the bathrooms. We enjoyed seeing how his floors perform in real-time in this fantastic video review.

Kaleigh G. from Aurora, CO

Kaleigh calls Nakan "spot on," and we couldn't agree more as her excellent design style compliments the beachy blonde flooring perfectly.

Kaleigh's family consists of three dogs and five kids who are not easy on the floors. We couldn't even tell. It just shows how durable the Modin Collection is! For a modern farmhouse home like Kaleigh's, Nakan couldn't fit better.

Heidi H. from Folsom, CA

Heidi's review is one of the most high-level productions we've seen! Although a professional-level video like hers is not a requirement, Heidi was a winner of our 2019 #MyFlooret Video & Photo Contest for her in-depth look at Arbor Signature. Just look at those stairs and the action shot of the post-pool time activity!

Part of this contest's fun is hearing our customers' stories and learning how they found Flooret. After living in her home for 20 years, Heidi and her family deserved an LVP upgrade! We're so glad that after her long search, Heidi found a flooring she could love for years to come.

Aaron M. from Redmond, WA

Aaron sent in a photograph of his Oxden Signature flooring from the Modin Collection in his stunning modern home. We loved Aaron's photo so much that we sent a professional photographer to photograph his whole house and interviewed Aaron about his Flooret experience!

Aaron says visitors always ask if his vinyl floors are real wood. To see more photos and learn about Aaron's experience, check out his  Customer Story.

Ashley H. from Farmington, NM

Ashley was in the middle of her installation of Gibson Signature from the Modin Collection and sent in this picture to show it off. Gibson is one of the more rarely seen colors in our collection, so it was lovely to see it in a beautiful kitchen.

... And so much more!

We've had thousands of entries to the #MyFlooret Video & Photo Contest over the years, and have enjoyed every one of them. If you have Flooret installed in your space, snap a picture or video and send it over—the team can't wait to see them!

2022 #MyFlooret Video and Photo Contest Prizes

60+ Second Video Review Prizes
Grand Prize - $500 gift card of your choice
Second Prize - $200 gift card of your choice
Third Prize - $100 gift card of your choice
Photo and Short Video Prizes
Four Bonus Prizes - $50 gift card of your choice
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