Designer Spotlight | Liza Nicole Interiors
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January 29, 2021By Chesiree Katter

Designer Spotlight | Liza Nicole Interiors

We had the pleasure of sitting down with one of our favorite designers, Liza Nicole. Liza brings so much life to flooring by decorating spaces with a sophisticated yet warm and inviting style that makes us want to spend all day in her creations.

Most recently, Liza Nicole remodeled this condo in Hawai’i to reflect the island’s laid back, tropical way of life. Using Sutton Signature, she cleverly tied in the natural hues of the island to create a down-to-earth space that still delivers an elegant feel.

Here was what Liza had to say during our chat about how she executes her visions.

Flooret: Tell us a little about your identity as an interior stylist and what elements you specialize in.

Liza Nicole: I love reimagining spaces for clients, helping them see options they can't quite envision and telling their story of home. We take the space down, move it around, fit it for your life, and make it emotionally and physically custom to you. Timeless, custom interiors layered in neutrals and textures is my happy place.

F: How do you present ideas to your clients?

LN: The process begins with the very first inquiry, whether it’s through my website or social media. First, I’ll schedule a phone interview with the client. We sort of get a feel for each other - after all, we will be spending a lot of time working together so an easy initial connection is key. What are their project goals? Do they have a total investment budget in mind?

I believe in having lots of transparency and being clear and upfront. Then I’ll do an in-home consultation, where I dive deeper into the psychological aspect of the design. I review the scope of work and provide them with suggestions, even prior to surveying with the tape measure. The consultation is all about providing as many ideas as possible, helping them see all the potential.

I have to dig deep with my clients and figure out who they are. They often don’t know how to express themselves aesthetically. As a designer, it’s my job to make your home feel like you, and create a one of a kind space that reflects who you are, that tells your story of home.

Finally, I’ll drop a formal proposal, where I’ll present a schematic design and its structures. I’ll map out floor plans, elevations and 3D perspectives where applicable. It’s a process that ranges from a few months to years. It takes time, but it's so worth it! 

F: When does flooring play a role in your design process?

LN: Flooring is the grounding layer for all final finishes. But I think it depends on how and where you live. Your geography, architecture and floor plan of your home is going to reflect and decide what stage flooring selection comes in.

In Hawai’i, for example, typically the homes are one-level, plantation style, where each room connects into the next (open floor plan). In that circumstance, I would start with floors.

But if I’m designing a home on the East Coast, I wouldn’t necessarily start with the flooring selection. With older homes comes more separate rooms, you can have more playfulness -- like having one type of flooring in your kitchen and another in your pantry.

F: What is your favorite space to design?

LN: I really do love family and living room spaces.That’s the place where I feel most of my clients represent who they are as a family. 

It’s an opportunity to have more fun and look into sizing and seating arrangements depending on who my client is. For example, if they’re a gaming family, a lot more creativity is involved. I also like designing powder rooms… you can have a lot of fun with them and really let your designer freak flag fly!

F: Finally, how can people work with you?

LN: I have a website with a contact page and form you can fill out to tell me more about you and your project. I also have a YouTube channel with a fun and informative video that explains my process.

We loved Liza Nicole’s work so much, we asked her to create mood boards for a few more colors within our Signature collection. Stay tuned for upcoming blogs featuring Liza's stunning designs. 


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