Light and cool varied greige tones culminate in an airy Swiss Alps feel so refined, you can smell the snow. This product is 9.2mm thick.

1 box(es) can cover SF
$149.22 / Box

Transform Your Space with Hardwood Floors.

Silvan is not just flooring; it’s a celebration of wood’s natural splendor. The rich textures, diverse patterns, and warm tones of each plank tell a story of elegance and sophistication, making every room a masterpiece of design.

  • Product Type: SPC Engineered Vinyl Plank
  • Primary Materials: Limestone and Virgin PVC
  • Installation Method: Angle-Tap Click
  • Finish: Aluminum Oxide Coating
  • LEED Credits: IEQc4.3 - Low-Emitting Materials - Flooring Systems

Luxurious. Sustainable. Designed by nature.

Silvan Resilient Hardwood combines the highest-quality sustainable materials with an emphasis on durability and design. The result is a resilient floor, topped with a hardwood wear layer sourced from 100% FSC-Certified European forests and backed by a waterproof guarantee, that looks stunning and installs with ease. Extra-large planks, natural hardwood texture, and a subtle sheen create a luxurious look that will stand the test of time. Each plank is designed by nature for a floor that is uniquely yours. A UV-cured acrylic protective coating, high-density core, and cutting-edge locking mechanisms make these planks 3x harder than normal hardwood, topically waterproof, impact-resistant, and ideal for every situation. Together, these features form the unique look and feel that is Silvan Resilient Hardwood.

Discover the charm of Evern from our Silvan Collection, featuring light brown engineered wood flooring that combines mid-tone elegance with exceptional durability. Perfect for any home decor, these floors offer easy installation, optimal thickness, and a warm, inviting look. Experience the quality with our large sample pieces, showcasing the unique texture and color of our light brown hardwood floors.

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7"$5.50 SF


7"$5.50 SF


7"$5.50 SF
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