26th Aug 2021

Breaking it Down: Modin Signature, Base and Craftsman

Breaking it Down: Modin Signature,  Base and Craftsman

Comparing Signature, Craftsman and Base: Wear-Layer and Bevel


The Modin Rigid Luxury Vinyl Plank Collection Signature Line is perfect for those looking for wide vinyl plank flooring. With a 40 mil wear layer and enhanced bevels, the planks stand out and giving a striking appearance.

Featured: Soho Signature

Signature's extra long planks add a touch of luxury to any aesthetic, especially expansive spaces.

One of our interior design friends, Nicole Wright, weighs in:

"I always say that I love the dimensions that the enhanced bevels give the floor. They really show the size of the planks, which is a huge selling point for me, because larger planks do give a room a larger more open feeling."

The enhanced bevels of the Signature line also make our vinyl planks look incredibly realistic to real wood. 

Featured: Nakan Signature


Modin Base offers a still way above-average 20 mil wear layer, and comes in a slightly more narrow and shorter plank with micro bevels, which gives the appearance of a seamless blend from plank to plank.

Featured: Lato Base

Another one of our favorite designers, Liza Nicole, weighs in: 

"A clean transition between planks allows the space to both open up, but also be a wonderful supporting player to other design elements in the room."

Featured: Soho Base


In 2021, we launched the third member of the Modin Family: Modin Craftsman. This line was our tribute to Craftsman style homes and their timeless aesthetic. 

Featured: Nakan Craftsman

Craftsman is narrow plank flooring, with a plank width of just 3.35". It has the same 40-mil wear layer as Signature and has micro bevels, just like Base. 

Featured: Kingswood Craftsman

Craftsman currently comes in four colors and is perfect for those who love to bring out a floor's natural variation, which is especially beautiful in large, expansive spaces or spaces with a vintage vibe. 

Seeing it Side-By-Side

Here is a chart that compares the foundational specs of each line.

Check out the Flooret FAQs for a side-by-side comparison about Base, Craftsman and Signature's specs.