Renovating your home may seem like a daunting task, but with the right tools and resources, it can be a breeze. In this Customer Story, Kriselle shares her experience about how their driftwood-inspired luxury vinyl flooring from Flooret gave her home the perfect finishing touch.

Renovating a Home and Adding More Space for Living

Kriselle's story is about a total transformation. Not only did she want to update the existing flooring throughout her home, but she was also taking on two projects: a master suite and a living room addition. She says it was her biggest project yet as a homeowner, being the "general" of the worksite and taking on all elements of the design process.

She described the previous flooring as "dark, slick, and depressing" and knew she wanted to replace it with bright, fresh luxury vinyl. Installing new flooring was one of her first priorities, as it would lay the foundation for the rest of the home's design and flow.

Kriselle was looking for a beautiful flooring solution that would withstand the wear and tear of a busy family home with kids and dogs. She found it with the Flooret Modin Rigid Luxury Vinyl Plank Collection.

Modin resilient vinyl floors are designed to take on whatever comes their way, from spills to pet nails, from foot traffic to playtime with the kids. With a 40-mil wear layer, the Signature model can stand up to pretty much anything life throws its way.

Finding Flooring Online With Flooret

Kriselle found Flooret in an online search, and after a few calls to our knowledgeable Support Team, she was on her way to receiving her floors and completing this huge step in her renovation. She loved working with the team at Flooret to find the perfect flooring for her space.

"Flooret has excellent service, and someone was always there to answer the phone with any questions I may have had," Kriselle says.

With Flooret, you get the bonus of working with a team that is extremely knowledgeable about every single product in all of our collections. Essentially, you “skip the showroom,” and purchase directly from the company that makes the flooring – saving time, money, and stress in the process.

Kristelle decided on Tilden Signature, a beautiful greige floor that adds stunning detail to any space it's installed in, with its natural variation and knots throughout the pattern. Kriselle hired a contractor to install the flooring who noted how high-quality it was and how easy it was to install. The difference between Kristelle’s old flooring and her new, bright Tilden Signature flooring was like night and day.

"I absolutely love my new flooring, it serves a busy household of kids and dogs and looks good doing it," Kriselle says. "I took my time to make sure everything flowed together, and I got the look I was searching for."

A Renovation Project Well Done With LVP

The process of home renovation can seem daunting, but with the help of professionals and the right supplies, it can be an enjoyable experience. When it comes to choosing new flooring for your home, there are many options to consider. Carpet, vinyl, and hardwood are all popular choices, each with its own unique benefits. Home renovation can be a great way to add value to your property, so it is important to choose the right flooring to suit your needs.

With Flooret, you can trust that your flooring will be top-notch and our team of experts is ready to help you every step of the way. To start your project, reach out to our support team or order a sample directly from our site.

We're happy you love your floors, Kriselle!

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