Leo was looking for a solid replacement for the decades-old carpets in Daunt’s Albatross, a charming inn in Montauk, NY that’s been run by his family for two generations. He shared with us the heartwarming story behind the business:

We are a family run business that has been around since 1977. Rich Daunt, a retired Nassau County policeman from the bomb squad, used to vacation here and loved it so much that he purchased the Albatross. It has gone through two generations since, and his grandchild, Leo Daunt, now runs it for the family.

Leo and his team installed Flooret on their own and said it was a “very easy install process,” with great results.

We love the modern design, durability, and how easy they are to clean! We love them! We have them in our rooms with kitchenettes, so it really provides peace of mind to know that if someone spills something, we will be able to easily clean it up.

The inn, which is more than 60 years old, now has a beautiful, updated look thanks to its new floors. Leo said the visitors who come through love the update to the space.

They chose Arlo Signature to give a beautifully modern feel to some rooms. In other spaces, they chose  Arbor Signature to give a deep, rich contrast to the room.

They cannot believe they aren't real wood, and they want to know where we got them!

After finding Flooret and working with our team, Leo said his family-run business can’t wait to use Flooret for their future expansion plans.

Working with Devin for years has made it really easy to build trust. Our little family run operation has big dreams of expansion, so we will be reaching out to Flooret again and again.

Flooret was happy to bring a fresh, modern perspective to the Albatross while keeping the nostalgic charm of its history.

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