Sometimes, it can be hard to decide on a single color for flooring. It’s a big commitment! 

For Bridget, an interior designer by trade, her solution was simple: combine the two!

Bridget took on working with two of Flooret’s colors with the most unique impact - Dover Signature and Ashford Signature.

Dover Signature is a stunningly bold color that has plank-to-plank variation.

Ashford Signature is a lovely weathered grey and brown flooring that balances any space it’s in.

“Our install is unique in that on one side of the space we have a mix of 2 colors installed on a diagonal, and then we transition and change it up to another color in the opposite direction...complicated? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely!

The perfect paw-friendly flooring

Together, Dover and Ashford make quite a show-stopping duo. And, they’re the perfect vinyl plank flooring for a family with lots of activity - especially in Bridget’s case, where she has lots of paw traffic!

“We foster dogs and we needed a product that would be durable as well as beautiful. I'm an interior designer and was intrigued by the breadth of color options and quality of the Flooret product,” Bridget says. “My husband and I also wanted to explore an installation pattern set on a diagonal to fit the flow and visuals of our space. Together with an amazing installer and a great product, our floors turned out amazing and are holding up well to all the current and future dogs were are helping!”

Bridget cleverly planned out her flooring to have a dynamic flow throughout her home. Along with her clever taste in color and decor, her home looks totally unique and built to make an impression.

“Visitors love our floors. They say it makes the space feel twice as big as before!”

A great flooring experience, start-to-finish

Bridget and her husband had torn out the builder-grade carpet and sheet vinyl that was previously in the home. With the help of an installer, their dream for their floors came to life.

“My favorite thing about our floors is how well they hide dirt and how textured they look. It makes them appear like a whole other category of flooring...not quite LVT, not quite wood, they are unique!”

Bridget says the experience of working with Flooret was positive all around.

“We were very happy with the quality of our shipment, the installer recommended by Flooret, and the return process for our excess flooring,” Bridget says.

What do you think of this install? Would you combine your two favorite Modin colors?

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