Yuzen is a stunning design from the Modin Rigid Luxury Vinyl Plank Collection that is inspired by maple.

It is available in both Signature and Base, and brings a sense of calm to any space with its beautiful, natural-looking knots and ivory color.

While Yuzen is a great match for a variety of design styles, with this mood board, we are shining a light on Japandi style.

Japandi: When Wabi-Sabi Meets Hygge

Japandi is a unique blend of Scandinavian and Japanese-inspired aesthetics.

Japanese design is often inspired by nature and has a calming, earthy vibe that’s all about balance and values the craftsmanship behind items. Minimal and modern Scandinavian design has been popular for some time and is known for its clean lines and functionality. Both styles share an affinity for uncluttered spaces and natural materials.

Together, the two create a beautifully grounded and tranquil aesthetic.

To create a Japandi space around Yuzen Signature, first, start with the all-around wall color. Here we have two options!

The first choice is Wabi by Color Atelier, a neutral cream that compliments the maple tones of Yuzen beautifully. Having a neutral wall color can make a room appear even more spacious and bright.

Yuzen is a light enough canvas that you can play with contrasting colors. If a neutral wall isn’t your vibe, try something like Shadow Mountain by Behr. It is a gorgeous black paint that isn’t too stark against Yuzen’s creamy pattern, and adds a perfect moody vibe to the space.

To warm up the space, use leather furnishings, like the cognac-colored swatch that would look great as a couch or accent chair. To finish things off, tie in different textures like creamy knits and incorporate earthy tones, like olive, denim, and rust.

When you have a  Flooret sample in hand, making a mood board is a fun and simple way to get inspired and excited about your space’s possibilities.

Let us know what kind of design you’d like to see next! 

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