Styling Ashford for a Chic Office Space | Mood Board
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February 09, 2021By Chesiree Katter

Styling Ashford for a Chic Office Space | Mood Board

So many of us are working from home, and if you’re anything like us, you dream of having the perfect workspace: A space that reflects your unique, individual style. A space tailored to your flow that boosts productivity. A space to be creative.

One of our favorite designers, Liza Nicole, took on the challenge of composing the perfect work-from-home space. This beautiful mood board, inspired by Ashford Signature, is the result.

Ashford is one of our most-loved gray floors in the Modin Luxury Vinyl Plank Collection and is balanced with beige undertones that add a modern streak to its otherwise classic, real wood-look.

Liza doesn’t hesitate to say that she’d work in the space she created here any day. “This is definitely my inner spirit animal!”

She designed this space for someone who’s driven, creative, and a go-getter. This work-from-home office space is clean and elegant with a flourish of chic style.

“This room definitely delivers a high-end mood,” Liza says. “There’s a distinct masculinity to this space, yet it’s still totally powerhouse female.”

Liza cleverly continues a monochromatic theme with different shades of gray placed throughout the space, evoking a sophisticated yet earthy vibe.

The woven texture of the rug compliments Ashford Signature’s moody elegance, while brass light fixtures give the room a unique dimension. The weathered-wood shelving adds another layer of interest to the space, while also offering function. The distinct marbling on the wooden desk introduces a warm, organic feel.

“The space is very modern, but it’s not cold,” Liza says. The balance she achieved with all the different elements in the mood board is what allows the space to maintain its inviting vibe.

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