Gone are the days of relying solely on imagination or swatches to envision how a particular flooring color or material will complement your room. With just a few clicks, you can virtually "install" different flooring options using the RoomVo Room Studio tool!

We understand that flooring plays a pivotal role in transforming a house into a home or giving your commercial space a personalized touch. Utilizing tools such as Room Studio can offer added assurance that you're selecting the perfect flooring for your unique space. 

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Here's how it works: simply navigate to the tool on our website and upload a picture of your room to begin. From there, you can explore various flooring colors and materials to get a realistic depiction of how each option will appear once fully installed, and you can rotate the flooring within the tool to help you decide which direction to lay your flooring in your space.

The Room Studio tool helps you envision how your flooring might alter the overall look and feel of your space once it's fully installed. Check out the comparison tool to view two colors simultaneously and adjust their proportions using a sliding arrow. This allows you to gauge the differences between the colors and visualize how they might complement or contrast with your existing decor.

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In addition, you can experience Roomvo 3D with customizable lighting effects. The 3D sample feature allows you to visualize what each of our flooring options might look like at different times of day and under different lighting conditions. You can choose daytime or nighttime, as well as four different light bulb temperatures: Warm White, Soft White, Daylight, and Crystal White.

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This feature is perfect for getting an idea of how different lighting will alter the appearance of each flooring option, but we always recommend seeing this effect in person as well since the unique lighting characteristics of your space won’t necessarily be replicated by this tool.

While the Room Studio tool is still a simulation and not 100% precise, it is a useful way to start narrowing down your choices and visualizing the possibilities before making a final decision. Leveraging the Room Studio tool can provide invaluable insights into the many factors to consider when finding your perfect floor.

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