SAN DIEGO, CA | October 19, 2021 – This fall, Flooret is back with a groundbreaking new addition to the Modin Collection: Craftsman, a luxury vinyl take on classic narrow plank flooring.

Craftsman offers the same top-of-the-line specs as Modin Signature, including a 100% waterproof construction and a 40 mil wear layer. It also has micro bevels, like Modin Base. As always, the Modin Collection remains Climate Neutral Certified, and the planks are completely recyclable.

So what sets Craftsman apart from Modin Signature? It’s all in the plank size: Craftsman’s planks are a stunning 72” inches long and an extra sleek 3.35” inches wide.

Designers of the last century were onto something with narrow plank flooring. Natural variation between planks creates a striking first impression when entering a space with Craftsman installed. Depending on the direction that these narrow planks are installed, they can elongate short hallways, expand narrow spaces, and diagonally, have a massive impact on a room.

“The narrow width of Craftsman creates natural plank-to-plank color variation which means that no two installations will look alike,” Flooret Brand Manager Ashlee Palka says.

Craftsman is available in Flooret’s four best-selling colors: Warm and sandy Nakan, toasted cherry Brenwick, natural blonde Soho, and golden oak Kingswood.

The Modin Collection now has luxurious flooring for every aesthetic: Signature for extra-long and wide planks with elegant enhanced bevels, Base for budget-friendly yet beautiful flooring in a moderate plank size, and Craftsman, a narrow plank that truly stands out.

“We're always looking to offer products that we truly believe in. Craftsman fills in a gap we had in the Modin Collection,” Ashlee says. “With these three models, the Modin Collection feels much more well-rounded.”

Modin Craftsman combines the gorgeous wood-look of natural oak and the durability of our unmatched luxury vinyl plank specs, made to last.

“Real wood narrow plank flooring is quite expensive in the current market,” Brian Main of customer success says. “With Craftsman, consumers can enjoy a far more affordable narrow plank flooring that looks and feels like wood, and will be much more resilient.”

The team was inspired by centuries-old craftsman-style homes, and how they stand up magnificently to the test of time. Many of us have also lived in these homes and come to love the unique sense of history and character they bring to a space.

“We see a lot of beautiful old Craftsman-style homes in the neighborhood of our San Diego office,” Florian Blume, Flooret customer success manager, says. “Craftsman-style homes are built to last, and their aesthetic is timeless. They often feature narrow oak floors that still look great 100 years after being installed.”

Craftsman is available alongside the rest of the Modin Collection, exclusively online at It is priced at $4.95/SF and samples are available now to ship directly to your door.

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