Soho Craftsman | Photo by Daeja Fallas @thefernhousemaui

With 2021 drawing to a close, we’re ready to ring in the new year with a revolutionary crossover between timeless narrow plank flooring and our resilient luxury vinyl.

To create Modin Craftsman, our latest addition to the Modin LVP Collection, we combined the unmatched durability of Modin Signature with the seamless elegance of Modin Base, resulting in the industry’s most stunning narrow vinyl plank flooring yet.

Simple, Honest, and Timeless

Narrow plank floors are traditionally constructed from oak, a sturdy material that ages beautifully with time. Modin Craftsman is a nod to the artisanship that goes into craftsman-style homes, a common sight in San Diego where many of our teammates work and live.

“We see a lot of beautiful old Craftsman-style homes in the neighborhood of our San Diego office,” Customer Success Manager, Florian Blume, says. “Craftsman-style homes are built to last, and their aesthetic is timeless. They often feature narrow, oak floors that still look great 100 years after being installed!”

Made popular by furniture maker Gustav Stickley, who embraced simplicity and honesty in construction, the Craftsman-style movement embodies the values Flooret holds close.

The Modin Collection: A Triple Threat

Prior to the addition of Craftsman, the Modin Collection offered two plank styles covering a range of specifications.

Modin Signature, our flagship product, continues to stand out in the industry for its luxurious extra-long and wide planks with beautifully enhanced bevels. Its 40 mil wear layer has yet to be topped in the vinyl flooring space.

Following the success of our Signature line, we introduced Modin Base, a budget-friendly yet just as gorgeous alternative to Signature.

With a shorter, narrower plank and seamless micro bevels, Base was released in our best-selling colors and quickly became a fan favorite, especially for smaller projects. Base is built with a 20 mil wear layer, still far above the 7 mil industry standard.

Finally, with the addition of Modin Craftsman, we’ve brought the best of both worlds together.

Craftsman’s extra long (72 inches, to be exact) planks are just 3.35 inches wide and are built with the same 40 mil wear layer as Signature. Craftsman also features the sleek micro bevels of Modin Base, which makes the natural plank-to-plank variation seamless and fresh.

The new line is available in Flooret's four most-loved colors, Brenwick, Kingswood, Soho and Nakan. Craftman's extra slim planks enhance the plank-to-plank variation of these natural wood tones.

“Craftsman creates a totally unique, grounded feel. With these three models, the Modin Collection feels much more well-rounded,” Flooret Brand Manager, Ashlee Palka, says.

Still wondering about how the specs compare in the Modin Collection? Check out this Modin-at-a-glance chart:

How Narrow Plank Flooring Can Transform A Space

“The narrow width of Craftsman creates natural plank-to-plank color variation which means that no two installations will look alike,” Ashlee says.

Modin Craftsman makes quite a statement where it’s installed, especially when you use the long, narrow planks to expand or elongate a room. Plus, it’s versatile enough to work with many different design styles, making it the perfect fit for nearly any space.

“Craftsman is ideal for anyone who loves the aesthetic of a traditional craftsman-style home—that's the look that inspired the design so it's a perfect match for that vibe,” Ashlee says. “Also, anyone aiming for a Japandi style would do well with the earthy feel that Modin Craftsman brings to a room.

You can get pretty strategic with your Craftsman installation to completely transform your home’s look and feel! Check out a few installation tips below.

Using Narrow Plank Flooring To Elongate A Space

To make a space appear more expansive, install Craftsman parallel to the room’s longest wall. This will elongate hallways, make smaller rooms feel larger, and create a luxurious, spacious look overall.

Nakan Craftsman | Photo by Jen DeVita

Installing parallel to the longest wall makes the distance between one side of the room and the other appear larger. Essentially, you are accenting your longest wall by repeating it’s direction all the way across the room. In hallways, this makes the space feel especially long and sleek. In smaller rooms, the narrow planks appear to stretch the room, making it feel larger than it is.

To make a space appear broader, install Craftsman perpendicular to the longest wall to “push” your walls apart. This works especially well in narrow rooms and galley kitchens.

Nakan Craftsman | Photo by Jen DeVita

Using Narrow Plank Flooring To Make A Statement

If you’re a fan of striking first impressions, installing your narrow plank flooring diagonally is the method for you. The result of a diagonal install is a stunningly refined look that compliments decor ranging from elegant to eclectic.

The plank-to-plank variation is sure to stand out and draw eyes across the room.

We hope you loved these tips for installing Modin Craftsman. If you follow one of these tips, be sure to send us a photo of your installation!

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