How Craftsman Narrow Plank Flooring Impacts a Space
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November 09, 2022By Chesiree Katter

How Craftsman Narrow Plank Flooring Impacts a Space

Since its launch in the Summer of 2021, Modin Craftsman has been installed in many stunning ways. Although it was inspired by the classic Craftsman-style homes surrounding our office in San Diego, California, we’ve seen Craftsman installed in a stunning variety of spaces to match any style: bohemian, traditional, and even coastal.

Let’s take a look at this stunning flooring and what sets it apart from others!

What’s Different About Modin Craftsman?

Craftsman is the newest member of the Modin Rigid Luxury Vinyl Plank Collection. It combines the industry-leading specs that Modin is known for: the durable 40 mil wear layer, 100% waterproof construction, pre-attached IXPE foam underlayment, and realistic EIR texture. Craftsman planks, however, are much narrower than its cousins Base and Signature, coming in at only 3.35” wide.

Featured: Brenwick Craftsman

How does this plank size affect a space? Melissa Tyler, the designer and DIY mastermind behind @lakeandlumber on Instagram, tells us why it was perfect for her lakehouse basement bar:

“Craftsman planks make the space feel larger (more planks across the width with more subtle variation), classic, but not outdated,” she says.

Craftsman is currently available in four colors: BrenwickKingswoodNakan, and Soho. These four colors all have a stunning, natural-looking plank-to-plank variation emphasized by Craftsman’s narrow planks.

Melissa chose Brenwick Craftsman for her stunning lakeside abode. It fits perfectly in her vision for an art-deco-inspired speakeasy basement bar.

Is Craftsman Modern or Traditional?

The answer is both!

Melissa weighs in on the assumption that craftsman-style floors signify a dated style. Our flagship line, Modin Signature, stands out for its extra wide and long planks, and many choose it for their modern-aesthetic homes. But all of our floors are made to be versatile and look fantastic in any space.

“Wide planks have had a good run! They are very DIY-friendly and work well in so many spaces,” Melissa says. “I think narrow planks are definitely making a comeback! Just because a style is from the past or more traditional doesn't mean it can't be modernized!”

Kingswood Craftsman

Classics are classic for a reason, and the original artisans that built the iconic cottages we know and love were on to something.

“I was specifically looking for narrow planks for this house because, in my opinion, a more classic, traditional style is on its way back ‘in.’ My new home has a very transitional style, and I wanted that to flow from one floor to the next.”

If you’re still on the fence about Modin Craftsman, Melissa gives some design tips for styling narrow plank floors in your home for a fresh, updated look.

“Try using a light color, such as the Soho or the Nakan, to keep your space from feeling too dark or traditional,” she says. “Use modern decor and pops of color around the room. Think of your area rug as the icing on the cake and change the style of your room from modern to traditional and back again!”

This rug pairs perfectly with Nakan Craftsman.

You can follow Melissa’s journey on Instagram @lakeandlumber

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