If you haven’t caught wind of Claire Shafer of Fine Feather Design yet, now would be the time.

This extremely talented designer has visions that are not only aesthetically pleasing but evoke very specific feelings. You might remember her work from her Madeira Signature mood board, which was all about the mystery of old, dark crystal shops.

We’re back today to present Claire’s take on Tilden, one of the Modin Rigid Luxury Vinyl Plank Collection’s newest colors.

This beautiful, creamy greige color was inspired by pieces of driftwood on California’s coast, which Flooret calls home.

Drawing inspiration from nature 

Like Flooret, Claire draws the majority of the inspiration for her mood boards from nature and environments she's experienced. 

“I try to create everything based on my inspiration from nature - that includes views, sounds, smells - I like connecting to the landscape in that way,” Claire says. “I love to have the interior design finishes, like the textures and materials, to be inspired by that too.”

Tilden is a unique color. It mixes the perfect balance of grey and beige to reveal a neutral taupe wood-look flooring.

Claire chose light powder blue and warm mustard accent colors to accentuate the warm and cool tones in Tilden.

Nature is Claire's muse in a multitude of ways - from the accent colors, meant to reflect a desert landscape, to the actual materials she used:

“The warm ochre of the deerskin leather swatch remind me of the sand in the desert,” Claire says. “And, the vase is actually a horsehair vase.”

The clever use of geometric shapes mimic silhouettes of cacti and rock formations in the desert.

She thinks this design aesthetic would be perfect for an open, light-filled home in a ktichen and dining room space. Flooret is the perfect choice for kitchen vinyl flooring, as it’s as durable as it is eye-catching. Elements of this design would flow effortlessly through a living room and other nooks of a home.

Were you inspired by this mood board?

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