When the Mahaven family purchased their neighbor’s beautiful house in Pennsylvania, they saw it as a blank canvas to create their dream home.

Their new home came with a mixture of materials and several different types of flooring. A blend of concrete, vinyl, carpet, and  hardwood was laid throughout the home, and Casey, who had a vision for the space, wanted consistency.

After updating every corner of the home, including repainting and changing light fixtures and hardware, she was ready to replace the flooring with  luxury vinyl planks. The home was starting to come together exactly as she imagined.

Luxury vinyl plank flooring is an excellent choice for big families, as its durability can handle heavy foot and paw traffic, spills, scratches, and everything in between. The Modin Collection comes with a variety of options for vinyl flooring and ranges from a 20-mil to 40-mil wear layer in different sizes in dozens of colors. Read on to see how Casey chose her perfect flooring.

Switching Flooring Color and Style Decisions: Maple, Oak, Wide or Narrow

At first, Casey had her eyes set on Lato Base. She fell in love with the seamless look that micro bevels give the flooring and Lato’s subtle, creamy light oak color. When speaking to a member of our team, they mentioned Yuzen Base, which is similar in tone to Lato with slightly more variation and natural-looking knots throughout that add an extra level of detail and interest.

Many people love  Lato from the Modin Collection for its versatility and nod to Scandinavian design. If you’re a fan of that clean, minimalist look, oak-inspired Lato is a great choice. Compared to Yuzen, it has less detailing and variation. Yuzen is inspired by maple so it has stunning natural knots throughout, giving it a natural, organic finish that truly looks like it came from a maple tree.

If you’re deciding between colors, it’s always  best to order multiple samples to get a true sense of how each color will look in your space. Ordering full plank samples and installing them in a room can look much different than placing cut samples throughout. The best part about the Modin Collection is that you really can’t go wrong with any of the designer-curated colors, but it definitely can be tough to choose your favorite!

We made the process easier by putting together sample kits. If you love the Scandinavian light-flooring look, try the  Modin LVP Light Sample Kit!

Maple-inspired vinyl flooring like  Yuzen is a popular choice because it is clean and versatile. It can be used in a variety of settings, from a rustic cabin to a modern loft. While the decision was tough, Casey was happy with Yuzen Base flooring from Flooret.

“I loved Lato, but I think Yuzen was definitely the better choice for our home,” Casey says.

Flooring: The Final Touch for a Home

After installing Flooret throughout their home, the family couldn’t be more pleased.

“The floors have completely transformed the look and feel of the space. I love the color and variation and I’m so happy we decided to put Flooret throughout the entire house,” Casey says.

It turns out that going with luxury vinyl plank flooring was the perfect finishing touch for the Mahaven Family’s new home.

“Everyone that has seen the floors so far has LOVED them and can’t believe how much they’ve changed the vibe of the home.”

Now, the Mahavens have their perfect home, thanks to Casey’s beautiful eye for design. 

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