Countdown of 2022: Flooret's Top 5 Bestsellers
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December 30, 2022By Chesiree Katter

Countdown of 2022: Flooret's Top 5 Bestsellers

We have so much to celebrate this year: We started off 2022 ringing in the Craftsman Line of the Modin Collection, and later released the Silvan Resilient Hardwood Collection. Along the way, we’ve witnessed so many incredible installations of our floors in homes of all styles.

Let’s celebrate 2022 by shouting out our five top bestsellers of the year!

#1: Nakan Signature

Nakan Signature was a clear winner this year, and it's easy to see why! We took inspiration from the sandy shorelines of the Cali coast for this floor, and it looks incredible in every space.

#2: Nakan Base

Closely behind is Nakan Base! It’s the same exact color and pattern as Nakan Signature, just in slightly narrower and shorter plank with microbevels. If you follow us on Instagram, you’ve seen Ashley @houseon610th’s home dozens of times – we’ll never be over it!

#3: Kingswood Signature

Kingswood has always been a classic favorite. It’s the perfect golden brown for any space. Kingswood also comes in Base and Craftsman, so the options for this timeless color are endless!

#4: Palka Signature

This flooring is for all the Scandinavian lovers out there. We absolutely love how the natural looking knots in Palka Signature stand out for an overall stunning effect. Here it is installed at a dental office with impeccable style.

#5: Soho Signature

Last but not least, another favorite that’s been at the top for years: Soho! It’s that perfect honey-shade everyone’s looking for, and we love it for its effortless versatility and brightening effect to any space.

What was the best you’ve seen from Flooret this year? You can get more inspiration from our blog or follow us on Instagram for the latest!

From all of us at Flooret, Happy New Year! 

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