Changing Floors. Changing Lives.
Behind the Scenes
January 28, 2021By Ashlee Palka

Changing Floors. Changing Lives.

EarthEnable’s Impact in Rwanda

EarthEnable began with a vision to improve health outcomes through simple and affordable solutions. In 2013, EarthEnable’s cofounder, Gayatri Datar, traveled to Rwanda with her Stanford class and was tasked with designing a product or service that would make homes and communities healthier. Through her research, she discovered that eliminating dirt floors led to dramatic reductions in childhood asthma, diarrhea, malnutrition, and parasitic infestations.

She realized that she and her team could change lives if they found a way to floor Rwanda.

For many Rwandans, the only alternative to a dirt floor is a thin layer of concrete and even that is too expensive for most families due to import costs. EarthEnable offers a less expensive, more sustainable solution: earthen floors.

Earthen floors are made by compressing different layers of natural materials and sealing them with a layer of oil, creating a sanitary, waterproof floor. In addition, earthen floors are natural, sustainable, and easy to clean and maintain.

To keep costs low, EarthEnable uses the dirt that is already in Rwanda as the base for their floors and seals them with a special oil, created by cofounder Rick Zuzow, that costs 90% less than the typically-used linseed oil.

As of January 2018, EarthEnable has installed 554,000 SF of earthen flooring in Rwanda and Uganda. That’s over 1,878 homes (roughly 8,500 people) impacted in over 300 different villages. EarthEnable also employs more than 80 people full-time and offers professional development to all of its employees.

Flooret is proud to support EarthEnable and their mission to change lives by changing floors. We’re looking forward to expanding our partnership with them in the near future to help make an even bigger impact. You can learn more about EarthEnable and donate to their cause here.

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