Modin Full Stair Tread

The full stair tread is 48" long, 12.2" deep and features an 8 mil wear layer. This stair solution is Flooret's only seamless option, and will be suitable for most individual steps as a stand-alone accessory. Please note that the full tread is thicker than the planks, so you will need to use a stair nose for the top step and any landings. This piece is compatible with all Modin LVP collection planks. Please make sure to select the correct color.

Important Notes

  • The tread is for individual steps only.
  • The full tread comes standard with one 15 7/16" stair "return" used for an open-edged staircase. The full stair tread is not the recommended stair solution for staircases with two open edges. For staircases with two open edges, a stair nose or overlapping stair nose should be used.
  • Please note the higher level of uniformity in the pattern options on our Treads. If you prefer to minimize pattern repetition on your stairs, we recommend a combination of planks and stair noses.
Modin Full Stair Tread
Modin Full Stair Tread

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