$312-Inch Cut Sample

Have you taken a liking to our floors but aren't quite sure which design is the clear winner? No problem. Order as many 12-inch cut samples as you can handle. The cost is just $3 per sample and you will not be charged a single penny for shipping. Choosing the correct flooring is a big decision so take your time, peruse our website, then select a few samples from the comfort of your own home. Within days you'll be able to see first-hand why our floors stand apart from the rest and how they look and feel in your space. 

Full Plank Sample

Need to see the bigger picture before making a decision? Good call. In the past, when a potential customer wanted to see what a full-size plank looked like we'd send them an entire box. Talk about overkill. Not only would we burden the customer with a $70 plus charge and a heavy box, we'd both have to deal with returning the product if it didn't work out. Problem solved. Mix-and-match as many planks as your heart desires for only $20 per plank and pay zero for shipping. We know of no other flooring company who integrates this service into their website. Enjoy.

Note: Limit 4 full planks per color per customer/address.

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