CVLTVRA Restaurant | Miami, FL
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February 01, 2021By Chesiree Katter

CVLTVRA Restaurant | Miami, FL

One of our favorite commercial projects is CVLTVRA Restaurant in Miami, Florida, and it's easy to see why: the space gives a striking first impression. 

To compliment a space as dynamic as this one, just one flooring color wouldn't do. The creatives behind Bigtime Design Studio chose to alternate between Kingswood Signature and Arbor Signature for a beautifully executed result. 

The combination lends an elegant touch to such an eclectic space. 

The concept behind CVLTVRA was to blend the experiences, memories and flavors of Latin America with the fresh, always happening vibe of Miami. 

Tropical accents bring the space to life, while the flooring adds another layer of interest to the already vibrant dining experience. 

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